Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car discussion in parliament

Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car debate in parliament: Metropolitan Municipality imparted to the capital by public transport for Turkey's first cable car, it began to test drive. President Melih Gokcek, who carried out the first test drive, announced that the ropeway would begin to serve free of charge after the 15 daily test drive, which is the legal requirement.

Electronic News Agency (e-ha) reported that according to the reporter, Human Rights Investigation Commission Member of Ankara Deputy Levent GÖK, Ankara people waiting for the cable car, test drives began. From the Yenimahalle Metro Station to the Şentepe Antennas Area, the second test station at the Yunus Emre Square was held for the first test drive of the ropeway, which was free of charge.

Mayor Melih Gökçek, AK Party Deputy Chairman Salih Kapusuz, deputies, bureaucrats, councilors, politicians and many citizens attended the ropeway promotion and test drive ceremony.

President Gökçek, who greeted the Yenimahalle with great enthusiasm, said, am Today is really a very nice day for Yenimahalle. After a while, if God has blessed, we will officially launch the test drive of our cable car that will relax the Yenimahalle traffic. Biraz

Emphasizing that Yenimahalle will witness the biggest project in the world, President Gökçek, who mentioned Ankapark Project, continued his speech by evaluating the country's agenda briefly.

Şentepe Teleferiği'nda 15 will continue to test the day in accordance with the legal process, explaining the President Gökçek, after entering the cable car service citizens from Şentepe and Yenimahalle metro station, said he could make free travel.

President Gökçek, who had promised getiren 6 finishing ayda on the construction of the ropeway and finished the first stage in 6 months by working at full speed, said:

. We made the tip of our lift to Şentepe. Because, in the center of the city, Şentepe is at a high point with the 3 meter 200 meters, 200 meter level difference. 'Şentepe not be deprived of the subway' we said. 'If we can not make a subway to the metro, we have to deliver the shentepel subway' we said. We thought about doing this ropeway. We gave a new direction to transport in Turkey with this application. We have pioneered new ropeway projects by signing a new ground. Yine

Mayor Gökçek, who heralded that they will serve Ankara 5 point by bus ropeways for the next period, gave the following information about Şentepe Ropeway: 13.5 will reach the metro in minutes, and 11 will reach Kızılay in minutes. Thus, in no time, 25 will be at Kızılay in minutes. All of our lines are composed of 2. There are 3 stations in the first stage where we do the opening and test drive. The first stage will last approximately 6.5 minutes. The Antennas from Yenimahalle will arrive in 6.5 minutes. From there, the second stage will also be visited in 7 minutes.

2 cabin will run in 106 stage. In the first place 50 cab will run at the same time and will be completely free.

There will be another station on the second stage. Hopefully we aim to finish this in 5 months.

When the line is complete, the 4 thousand 800 will carry passengers per hour. 2 400 thousand departures, arrival 2 400 thousand passengers will be transported a total 4 800 thousand. Normally it takes a lot of time to carry passengers, minibuses and bus services. Normal

President Gökçek pointed out that the ropeway would reduce the traffic load, 30 is the year of service life, some parts can change up to 50 years, he said.

Indicating that the ropeway is full of safety, Mayor Gökçek said, olduğun Your heart should be spacious. Ila The mechanical, electrical and safety tests of the ropeway installation have been done and approval has been taken by the independent organization of our ropeway project, which has been approved and commissioned by the European Union, T he said.

Gokcek, who noted that the cable car also hinders environmental pollution because it works with electrical energy, and that the operating cost is cheaper than the 80 according to other transportation systems. Göre In other words, we provide great benefits in every way with our cable car project. Şentepel brothers to live the joy and excitement of performing a first in Turkey, Cableway our Şentepe, Ergenekon, Esentepe, I hope the Yunus Emre neighborhood and not all Yenimahallemiz the auspicious auspicious, "he said.

However, due to the excessive complaints of the citizens living in the neighborhood Şentepe and due to excessive use of electricity, the people living in the region of the Electronic and White household items after the serious damage to the complaints after today, CHP Ankara Deputy Chairman of the Parliament Speaking by the Interior Minister Efkan Ala was asked by the Parliament.

CHP Ankara Deputy Levent Gok Presidency of the question given by the Parliament as follows:

The following questions should be answered in writing by the Minister of the Interior Mr. Efkan ALA, 98 of the Constitution and 96 of the Rules of Procedure. I supply according to the provisions. 20.03.2014

It is claimed that Yenimahalle - Şentepe Ropeway Line, which was opened by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality yesterday by launching 15 daily test drives, is not suitable for the operation.

In this context;

Does the 1-Ropeway have a stable energy source? If so, at what point is the energy taken? What is the installed transformer power, where is the transformer installed?

Is there a generator of the 2-Ropeway?

Are lightning protection and grounding system made in 3-Stops?

4-Has lighting installation been done?

5-Elevator input-output devices, elevator input-output device, door safety system fire extinguishing systems have been completed in accordance with the relevant regulations?

6-Is the unit responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ropeway created and trained? Are emergency rescue exercises performed?

7 -Who is the responsibility of opening a hasty opening with the concern of a vital installation with the concern of choice and not taking the necessary measures?

8-Do you intend to take the necessary measures in all these matters? If you are thinking, are you going to make a statement about the measures? Düşün

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