Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train will be cheaper than bus

Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train will be cheaper than the expensive bus: TCDD, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line is a busy shift. Piri Reis, a test train moving from Ankara, successfully reached Istanbul-Pendik via Eskişehir. During the test drive, the 180 30 was opened after March.
The countdown for the high-speed train to connect Ankara and Istanbul started. Piri Reis, the test train moving from Ankara, reached Istanbul-Pendik by using the line that was tested the day before. Road safety and certification work carried out and completed, the 250 speedometer will speed up the speed train, test drives saw the 180 kilometers. Piri Reis, who started driving amaçlı test uzanan from the beginning of March, makes test trips from Ankara to Istanbul-Pendik. TCDD sources said that Piri Reis had reached Pendik last night and said ın Piri Reis has successfully carried out test runs from Ankara to Istanbul before ları.
According to information from HABERTURK reliable sources, it is not possible to open the line for service before the local elections of 30 Mart when considering the shortage of time and election bans. The line is expected to open in the following months (April-May) and start commercial flights.
The high-speed train will use the conventional line that will be rebuilt and repaired between Pamukova, Arifiye and Sapanca due to the ongoing tunnel works in Sakarya (Doğançay Ripajı which is constructed as two different packages). The conventional double line will reduce the speed of the high-speed train planned between Ankara and Istanbul. Therefore Ankara-Istanbul-Pendik travel time will initially be 3 hours 30 minutes. The first section construction of Doğançay Ripaji will be completed in the second half of this year.
Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line has a total length of 523 kilometers. It was opened in 276 in Ankara-Eskişehir section of 2009 kilometers. The 247 kilometer section of Eskişehirİstanbul is expected to be put into service after the elections.
Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train tickets, expensive bus, will be cheaper than the plane. TCDD is doing some technical work on this subject. In the first calculations, a price was announced between 70-80 TL. However, this figure will be revised again. Ticket prices can be determined under this figure is recorded.

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