90 km was removed on the divided roads, signs are changing for the application

On the divided roads the speed was increased by 90 km, the signs are changing for the application: The speed limit on the main roads of the capital Ankara has reached 70 kilometers to 82 kilometers. With the 10 option, this figure goes up to 90.
With the amendment to the Highways Traffic Regulation, the authority of the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) and provincial traffic commissions to increase the speed limit of 20 kilometers was increased to 32.
In Ankara, the speed limit for 70 kilometers for cars was raised to 82 by a decision taken by UKOME. With the 10 option, the speed limit on the city's main roads is the 90 mileage.
With the new decision taken by the UKOME General Assembly, the speed limit was increased from 1071 to 70 kilometers for automobiles with high carrying capacity such as Istanbul, Eskişehir, Konya, Samsun, Esenboğa Roads and 90 Malazgirt, Anadolu, Sabancı and Ankara Boulevard.
UKOME officials noted that the road signs, traffic signs and signs and the necessary markings were started by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and warned that the drivers should comply with the current speed limits until the markings are completed.
The speed limit plates are placed as ica 82 göster but the limit is 10 with 90 option. Hız We ask the drivers to show the necessary sensitivity to follow the new speed limits on the roads where traffic signs are completed according to the new application Hız. In this way, the traffic flow will be provided relief officials noted, "In addition, especially at camera control points due to the sudden slowdown of drivers will be prevented accidents," they said.
Underlining that the speed limit is maintained in 50 kilometers, the authorities emphasized the importance of compliance with the new speed limits to be applied throughout the capital Ankara in terms of both life and property security.

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