Ford Otosan said v Hand in Hand for Global Success (in the Manufacturers Summit (Photo Gallery)

Ford Otosan said Mart Hand in Hand for Global Success ile at the Manufacturers Summit: u Manufacturers Summit ”where Ford Otosan and its suppliers met was held at 14 March with the slogan 'Hand in Hand for Global Success El. 2014 shared 10 supplier company with Gold Stars, Silver Stars, Bronze Stars and Special Incentive awards. Koç Holding CEO Turgay Durak, Koç Holding Automotive Group President Çenk Çimen, Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün and Ford Otosan Executive Vice President Will Periam and 216 have been involved with the participation of high-level officials.
Turkey's leading company in the automotive sector, Ford Otosan Summit Award ceremony, organized by the Manufacturers; produced a great success in the world market with the tools it has rewarded manufacturers with valuable contributions.
This year's meeting theme was ın Hand in Hand for Global Success N. Ford Otosan crowned the achievements of the 10 manufacturer with awards as a result of its evaluations. Magneti Marelli Mako, which won the Golden Star Award, Bosch Brake and Yıldız Kalıp awards were given by Koç Holding CEO Turgay Durak. Silver Star Awards were given to Hayes Lemmer İnci, Sakarya İz Reklam and Ficosa by Koç Group Automotive Group President Cenk Çimen, while Valeo Otomotiv, Bronze Star Award, and Halla Automotive Climate Systems and MGI Coutier were awarded by Haydar Yenigün. they took away. Special Incentive Award was given to Şahinkul Machinery by Ford Otosan Deputy General Manager Will Periam.
Haydar Yenigün: We increase our competitive power with perfect products
Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün addressed the suppliers in the award ceremony, 12. he thanked all the suppliers who contributed to the leadership. As Ford Otosan, the Company continued its investments with a sustainable approach and said that ğ We launched the new generation of Transit in the first month of 2014, which we announced as a commercial vehicle year. In addition to the industry, Transit 23 which contributes to the growth and development of the new Turkey's economy, we will export a total 106 countries. We will continue our launches in 2014 with the new Courier, the only production center in the world. ”He also unveiled the secret of the success of the new year in the global market: We need to use this key very well together. At 2014, we should reduce costs with controlled expenses and increase our competitiveness in the world market by producing flawless products. X
William R. Periam: We are opening doors to our suppliers for new markets!
Ford Otosan Deputy General Manager Will Periam, in his speech at the meeting, said, “2013 was a very successful year for Ford. We see that the transformation under the One Ford plan has been accomplished successfully and the capacity utilization rates in Europe have been improved in line with the target.” and continued his words as follows: “The Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom produced by Ford Otosan achieved significant success in 2013, even in the shrinking markets in Europe. This is your success as well. The healthy and sustainable relationship Ford has established with its suppliers also creates opportunities for you, our suppliers, in terms of growth and competition. We will also export parts to the production of New Transit in Kansas City, USA, and we will do this together with our 47 suppliers in Turkey. All of you, Ford Motor Company, Ford Otosan is becoming more and more important. kazanyou are part of the moment. You are now important players not only in the Turkish automotive industry, but also in the global industry. As we strengthen our cooperation by developing new projects, new opportunities will continue to arise for you”.
Cengiz Kabatepe: As Ford Otosan, we support our suppliers on global platforms
Ford Otosan Deputy General Manager for Purchasing, Cengiz Kabatepe, in his speech, said, “As a supplier industry, we can turn this change into an opportunity and increase our presence in the global market with quality, R&D and innovation capability, flexibility and competitive costs in this period when the world's automotive production is shifting. As Ford Otosan, we provide full support to our supplier industry together with our main partner. Our continued growth in the global Ford world has brought new investments to our country. We have demonstrated tangible successes with the Transit and Courier projects. We are also struggling to increase the business opportunities of our sub-industry with global giants such as Ford and have them have a say around the world. We are moving hand in hand with our suppliers on the way to globalization. In this way, the main industry and ultimately our country, due to both the sub-industry and the decreasing costs thanks to the increasing numbers and efficiency, kazanit's coming out. As long as we focus on our competencies that will make us the choice of the global industry, we can turn new investments into reality. We, as Ford Otosan, will continue to stand by our suppliers in order to make our country a center of attraction.


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