Steel exporters support a hundred percent of steel minds

📩 30/11/2018 11:29

One hundred percent support from steel exporters to Steel Minds: ine Steel Minds in ından The training project initiated by the Association of Steel Exporters in accordance with the importance given by the university industrialist cooperation. The Turkish steel industry continues to invest in science, technology and most importantly, education to prepare for the future and to make its competitiveness sustainable. Within the scope of the esi Steel Minds ih project; giving scholarships to students studying associations in various universities of Turkey, welcomed the representatives of the steel industry's future in Istanbul. President of Steel Exporters Association Namık Ekinci gave the secret of success to young people in business life: Diligence, practical intelligence, reliability, honesty, harmony in social relations and stability in all these features ç
The Association of Steel Exporters is opening up educational and training institutions to support vocational education in terms of the development of the steel sector and to train qualified personnel while supporting the education of students through the eleman Steel Minds mesleki project. "Steel Minds" project, since 2012 years studying in various universities of Turkey's talented, hard-working but limited opportunities during 22 scholarship student education.
The Association of Steel Exporters, who hosted their scholarship students in Istanbul, shared the latest developments about the sector and listened to the wishes, suggestions and problems of the students. In addition, it was decided to conduct the initiatives by the Association of Steel Exporters in order to provide internship opportunities for the students of the association. In these studies, especially in Istanbul, Iskenderun and Izmir steel plants will be given weight.
The activities of the Steel Exporters' Association towards education are not limited to the ih Steel Minds çalış project. In addition, in the name of supporting vocational education and training of well-equipped staff, educational and training institutions under the leadership of the Union are being implemented. The Technical High School, which started its education in 2013-2014 in İskenderun Sarıseki, is the first example of this. The schools, which are currently under construction in Gebze and Çanakkale, are planned to be completed next year.
Namık Ekinci, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Steel Exporters Association, who advised the students about their working life on the basis of their own experiences in the meeting with kendi Steel Minds lük, said de hard work, self-determination, trustworthiness, honesty and harmony in social relations. and all of these features are features of the key to success. Those who have these features will always be one step ahead of the others. Bu
. As a union, we will continue our support for education with our school investments on the one hand and successful students on the other. We take into account any requests and suggestions from our students. Landır The fact that our scholarship students will take place in the future of our sector, which makes significant contributions to the national economy, is already proud of us. Ülke


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