Turkey's first domestic digital tachograph

📩 22/12/2018 17:09

Turkey's first domestic digital tachograph: Success Holding, Turkey's first and only native is preparing the digital tachograph device to market. The devices are manufactured in the Ankara plant of Başarı Technology in accordance with the European Type Approval and in accordance with the European Directive EEC No: 3821 / 85.
The first and only domestic production digital tachograph, which is one of the three devices in the world with süre European Type Approval ”, has undergone a rigorous testing process after a long period of work; approvals successfully completed.
Digital tachograph devices based on the control of compliance with the relevant regulations by recording the operating information of vehicles and drivers; It monitors the working / rest periods of the drivers and the speed overruns of the vehicles. Tachograph data are mainly based on the controls performed by police teams.
International Road Transport Agreement which Turkey is a party in accordance -AETR-, 2014 it comes to digital tachograph use in vehicles compulsory from June onwards. With 3.5 tons of trucks and haulers carrying cargo and passenger transportation, 9 people and drivers including minibuses and buses will be equipped with digital tachographs. Thus, the manipulation of tachograph devices that are of great importance for road traffic safety will be prevented.
In our country,% 78 of freight transportation and% 91 of passenger transportation is carried out by road. While 89 of road accidents are caused by driver errors, 4.000 people die every year in these accidents, people are injured on 250.000, they are disabled. Only the number of fatalities / injuries in 2012 was over 150.000.
Commenting on the issue Ferda Holding Board Chairman Success Stars, "We are proud of the success of Turkey's first domestic produce the digital tachograph Holding. With this production, we will contribute to both creating employment and reducing the current deficit; In addition, we aim to export these devices that we have imported for years to all countries in the region, especially in European countries. On the other hand, Turkey road transport between countries that use the most, so it will be important in ensuring the transition of the digital tachograph in road traffic safety, "he said.
Basis Holding is a group of companies in the telecommunication sector which was established in Ankara under the name of Başarı Elektronik in 1989. 11 company within the Holding; Success Trade, Success Service, Success Publishing, Success Telecom, Success Mobile, Success Technology, Success Kaan, Success M2M, Success Energy, Helistar and Kaan Air continues its activities. Expressing its respect for the society with its high-tech products and value-added services offered to the market, Başarı has adopted the principle of servis technology for people servis to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction.

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