165 million Euro signature for tram projects of Izmir

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165 million Euro signature for the tram projects of Izmir: Konak and Izmir will be implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka Signed for financing the Trams Project.
According to the information obtained by the Electronic News Agency (e-ha) reporter, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be able to relieve the urban traffic, and Karşıyaka Within the scope of Tram Project; IFC (International Finance Corporation), AFD (French Development Agency) and MIGA (Multilateral Guarantee Agency), a subsidiary of the World Bank, signed a total 165 Million Euro loan agreement with ING Bank. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, "This agreement, despite all the economic problems in Turkey, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is a reflection of confidence in." He said.
Very satisfied with foreigners
ING Bank Turkey Director Gorkem paperclips, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said they were happy with the signing of such a partnership. Ataç, de We continue to take part in new projects that will contribute to the development of Izmir, the modern face of our country. Tramway project is a very serious step towards the goal of achieving world standards in Izmir. Tram
AFD Director Bertland Willocquet Turkey, said they were happy to maintain its financial cooperation with the Municipality. Willocquet, büyük The project will contribute greatly to the transportation of İzmir. Last year we made a contract for financing the new ships of Izmir city. Opened to the Mediterranean and the world, Izmir has taken another big step in terms of sustainable development. Izmir has been an important partner for AFD. Izmir has chosen to grow as a destination. I am happy to see the progress of sea transportation in Izmir Bay and the progress of the project with the delivery of the first ship. I believe that these two new trams for Izmir, which are not foreign to the tram due to their history, and the swimable bay and coastal design project are projects that will carry İzmir to the future. The tram project is also a model for future municipal projects. I believe that the project will meet the expectations of the people of Izmir Pro.
In Turkey, IFC Director Mueller stressed Carlsson will be a city of Izmir worldwide. . The work to support the development of this beautiful city continues. This environmentally friendly project will also reduce traffic congestion. Such large projects cannot be met only with municipal budgets. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality meets the infrastructure needs by increasing the external financing opportunities of the municipality. Public infrastructures are very important. These projects will further contribute to the development of İzmir. In this way, İzmir will be a city with sustainable development. Bu
Indicator of strong financial structure
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu in his speech, reminded the Metropolitan Municipality of 10 years before the financial status of a troubled process from today's strong financial situation, he said. Remaining that they give importance and priority to the environment and transportation investments in order to provide permanent service in the municipality, President Kocaoğlu said, anl We need a great financial support when it comes to investments in subway, suburbs, new ships and trams. 4 in the IFC consortium. credit agreement. The total amount of credit we have signed with IFC is around 320 million Euros. The credibility of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is around 4. We owe as much as we can afford. We are able to meet the credit received by the old system. We cover the expenditures that will not strengthen the economy of the municipality from our own resources, our municipal budget. This enables our financial structure to continue in a strong way. Bu
Noting that IFC was very happy that the Municipality of Büyükşenir underlined the design of the coastal design and swimable bay, Mayor Kocaoğlu said: I would like to thank them for these sensibilities. sonsuz
”We are building Izmir with iron nets“
Reminding that the tram tender was held in February, 26 Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “We hope there will be no problem during the tender process. Now that the loan is ready, we start working immediately. If we increase the rail system and maritime transportation in transportation, we will have solved the problem of transportation in İzmir. Mansion and Karşıyaka After the tram lines, we will also carry out tram works step by step at several points. Today we run the length of the rail system we received with 11 kilometers. This month's 96 will be 25 kilometers, 97 will be 30 kilometers in April and 100 will be 30 km in June with the introduction of the Torbali line. At the end of the year, 130 is aiming to increase it to 5 kilometer. We are knitting Izmir with iron nets. U
“We pass through thorny roads“
Birikim We have worked hard to make the necessary investments in the city through thorny roads and we have succeeded,, said Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who continued his words as follows: is one of the factors that motivates us to walk towards our goal. As the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we call it 'İzmirliiz, Yaparız' and we prove that we are from Izmir, we give the right of this slogan and we prove it in our projects. I consider this a historical finding. There are a lot of projects to develop this city and to provide local development. Using mind and science, we continue our way by making long-targeted strategic plans, determining road maps, using the right priority order, using dirhem dirhem as healthy and negotiating very strictly. Izmir, will stand up to the power of their people, to move, to grow and is Turkey's only city. In such a city, as well as the mayor of the opposition party, it is the highest of honor for both me and my colleagues. Böyle
After the speeches at the ceremony, Aziz Kocaoglu and the representatives of the financing Karşıyaka 165, which will be used within the scope of Tram Project, has signed a financing agreement amounting to Euro Million.
Tender process in progress
Mansion and Karşıyaka 26 was awarded at the 2014 in February. The tender will be completed by Konak Tram with 12.6 kilometers long 19 stops and 9.70 stops approximately 16 kilometers long Karşıyaka The construction of the tram line includes the supply of total 38 vehicles and spare parts that will work on these two lines. Among the Chinese, Spanish, South Korean, Polish, French and Turkish companies, 15 submitted a letter of thanks to the tender. The tender process in which cutthroat competition is experienced continues.
Mansion and Karşıyaka The trams will be fast, reliable, comfortable and environmentally friendly. It is expected that the people of İzmir who prefer the use of private cars for trams will change their preferences. The project aims to increase the attractiveness and multiple public transportation of İzmir and reduce the traffic in a dense region by means of two tram lines that will be connected to all other means of transportation. Mansion and Karşıyaka tram lines, which will replace the existing bus lines, will facilitate the spread of the activities in the city to the whole region and facilitate the access of the people living in İzmir to the center.
The technical specifications of the loan are as follows:
The agreement, financed by IFC, AFD and ING Bank, has maturities up to a total of 3 years, with no payback until 13. The loan provided is a loan with a fixed interest against Euribor + 2,75. The interest rate of the loan provided has the same interest rate as the 'Sea Transportation Development Project', 'Full Adaptive Traffic Management System' and 'Emergency Response Vehicle Purchase' projects signed in 2012 and 2013 years.
Konak Tramway
Konak Tramway; F.Altay Square - It will be approximately 13 kilometer length between Konak and Halkapınar and 19 station will serve with 21 vehicle. It is planned to run 3 minutes at peak hours and 4-5 at other times.
Fahrettin Altay Square will start from the side of the market tram line, the tax office, where the Şehit Major Ali Official Tufan Street will follow the beach. The line that will go on the side of the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard without any intervention from the side of the dwellings, will continue next to the 3 departures and 3 arriving road traffic. The line under the Göztepe pedestrian overpass will continue along the coast and pass under the pedestrian bridge in front of Konak Metropolitan Municipality and Konak Pier in Konak. From the side of the road until the Gazi Boulevard, the tram line will enter the Şehit Fethi Bey Street, from which it will use the route jointly with the highway traffic. Following the Republic Square, the line will go to Şehit Nevres Boulevard and from there to Şair Eşref Boulevard. The project was changed in order to protect the mulberry trees in the middle center. The tram line is going to be divided into two. The line which will continue in this way until Vahap Özaltay Square, will be reunited near Alsancak Station. Following the Gar, the tram line that goes to Şehitler Street will end at the Halkapınar Warehouse Area of ​​İzmir Metro.
Karşıyaka Streetcar
Alaybey-Karşıyaka-The 9.7 kilometer route between Mavişehir and 16 stops and 17 tram line will be double lines. Karşıyaka tram, starting from Alaybey by the coast Bostanlı Pier, and then Ismail Sivri Street, Martyr Cengiz Topel Street, Selcuk Yasar Street and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard followed by Izban Cigli Warehouse facilities next to Mavisehir Suburban Station. In project scope Karşıyaka an overpass or underpass is planned to connect the pier with the bazaar. The tram line will provide transfer to İZBAN, ferries and buses.

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