Full support to Özer Ayık, presidential candidate of the Ski Federation

📩 24/11/2018 13:27

Özer Ayık, the skiing Federation Presidential candidate's full support: Erzurum's ski clubs, Özer Ayık, who is again a candidate for the Presidency of the Ski Federation, has signed a plaque of appreciation for his services to this day and signed a signature for support Ay

In the Ordinary General Assembly, President Ayık announced that he was a candidate for the presidency again and the ski clubs in Erzurum gave both a support signature and a plaque of appreciation.

Özer Ayık, who is at the head of the Skiing Federation for two terms and who won the appreciation of the ski community with his services, has a great support from his fellow countrymen. Provincial Special Administration Ski Club, Erzurum Ski Club, Yolspor Ski Club, Erzurum Youth Club, Gökkuşağı Ski Club and Öz Youth Sports Club, today going to the Ski Federation's Palandöken Ski Center facilities and supporting President Ayık. they submitted their signatures. Supporters of the ski clubs, who signed their nomination for the third term, presented a plaque of appreciation to the successful sportsman for his services to skiing.

Ö I'm really very sensitive, teşekkür said Özer Ayık, the President of the Ski Federation, who thanked the delegates of the General Assembly. I've been president of the federation since two periods. We have worked day and night to do our best for skiing. This plaque given today is the most meaningful thanks to my life. I would like to thank everyone who gave support and didn't. Destek

On the other hand, it has been learned that the support signatures given for the re-candidate of President Ayık in the Ski Federation, whose total delegate is 220, have already reached 80.