Light Rail System Instead of Trambus Recommended

Light Rail System Suggested Instead of Trambus: It was suggested that light rail would be more efficient instead of the trambus transportation system which is decided to be implemented in Malatya center.
Republican People's Party Malatya Metropolitan Municipality candidate Hakan İnci, CHP Malatya Province President Enver Kiraz, CHP Central District Battalgazi President Abdulvahap Ayzabar and Civil Engineer Traffic Specialist Bekir Ilıcalı at Avşar Hotel in a press conference, agreed to be implemented in the center of Malatya expressed his reservations about the system.
Hakan İnci stated that there is a problem of transportation planning in Malatya city center and he claimed that the trambus transportation system that Malatya Municipality would offer in the center line in the center of the university would not be efficient.
07.30 thousand passengers in the morning between the 09.00-20 hours in the line of the University and Research Hospital, said that the trambus of these hours between the 2 thousand passengers can carry more İnci, bin 71 million TL is expected to cost the first place instead of the trambus metrobus, as a permanent solution we also recommend the light rail system, da he said.
The light rail system cost around 150 million TL, with the expense of the region around the 50 thousand passengers can be transported to the region in an hour, arguing that the Pearl, ğ Yet the cost of the 71 million TL and the 30 trambüs is taken if the cost of 130 million TL and the 6 can be carried around a thousand passengers. However, why 150 million TL and 50 thousand TL passenger transportation is not being used Hal he asked.
Stating that they do not want the resources to be wasted, İnci said, “Kazanbear and lose. What matters is the resources of Malatya. We state that the trambus is not the solution. The president should come out and explain the trambus fact clearly.”
Talking after İnci, Civil Engineer Bekir Ilıcalı, reminded that Tahir Toptaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was a transportation consultant in the previous period and explained the work they had done about transportation planning in Malatya center accompanied by a vision.
Ilıcalı also said that the light rail system would be more efficient rather than the tramble transport system, verimli We propose metrobus for the temporary solution and then the light rail system, I he said.

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