National Skier Aslı Nemutlu is Immortalized in Documentary

The life of National Skier Aslı Nemutlu, who died at the age of 12 after a skiing accident during training at the Women's Super-G Track at Erzurum Konaklı Ski Center on 2012 January 17, was a documentary.

The life of Nemutlu, the association founded by his family and friends after the death of the national skier, has been immortalized by documentary.

In the documentary, Aslı Nemutlu's closest friends told Aslı. He also released a cd-dvd album and documentary of the song "Sonsuz Kartanesi - Dear SnowFlake" written by Aslı's high school friend Esin Özlem Aydıngöz. All developments about this project are www.aslinemutlu.netThey presented to the public by opening.


“He opened his eyes to the world on a sunny Thursday, March 24, 1994, at 12.35 in Istanbul Kadıköy Şifa Hospital. It was 52 cm long and weighed 3400 g. She was discharged from the hospital on March 5, after staying in the hospital for 29 days since she was born by cesarean section. Their sleep and first day nutrition were in place. In the evenings, bedtimes for milk were regular, compared to other children, our Aslı did not upset us at all. When he was 3-4 months old, it was a little difficult for him to go to sleep in the evening, we were waiting for him to sleep on the floor in turns. As a father, it was very enjoyable to change our baby Asli's diapers and gasp while shaking her in the lap. However, as she grew older, it was not pleasant to see Ayşe's distress and suffering at the dinner table for the sake of getting her to eat. He stepped into the "First Line" home at the age of 2,5, then went to the "Magic Bell" home at the age of 4,5, planted the first seeds of today's friendships and met children with whom he would be friends for many years. He continued his education until the 3rd grade in Caddebostan "Irmak Elementary School", where he said hello to his primary education life. In Asli's life; Her only sister, Ece, whom she always cherished until the end of her life as an older sister and described herself as her 'dear princess older sister', was born in 2001. Asli was in the 1st grade at that time. She was very angry with us before the birth. He said, "Is it because you don't love me, my mother gives birth to a sister". He transferred to Ömerli "Alev Primary School", where he will complete his secondary education in the 3rd grade, and had a very good six years. The athlete's qualifications, where the ski life flourishes. kazanIt was the period when he was born, became the first National, matured and introduced himself to people as "Asli". At that time, we had very good friendships thanks to our daughter. His high school life started with Private Saint Joseph High School. While dreaming of high school life, where he would always follow the German school, he met the Francophone school. When the Francophone School combined with his strong and elegant personality, a sparkle spread out… We were very surprised, while skiing and other activities were saying, Aslı loved French in 3 months… Her teachers were saying, “Is this kid taking lessons?” With his disciplined work, he had mastered the third language after German and English. Hats off as a family.

Along with his sports life, he continued his ballet life very successfully. She started her ballet life at the age of 6 at the Kalamış Art Center and took part in 3 major recitals organized by her school at AKM every 4 years. Most recently, he was on the same stage with his brother Ece at Ballet Recitals in 2007 and 2011.

His interest in piano started when he was 5 years old, and his teacher, Funda, worked hard to devote more time to Aslı, who is very talented, to play the piano. Aslı was saying that she would pay more for this especially this year, but she was at the end of her life line.

Other sports branches that Aslı was interested in were water skiing, wakeboard, kiteboarding and surfing. Adrenaline sports have always attracted his attention. Scuba diving and parasailing were some of the sports he enjoyed and got very excited about. Collective sports have never attracted his attention. He used to go to football matches only as a fan of Galatasaray and as a card holder. He enjoyed the last 3-1 Fener match he went to. He said, "Father, we finally broke the leg of the devil, and now I will not be left behind." As Ayşe and Ece Fenerbahçeli, Metin and Aslı Galatasaray, we were 2 - 2 in the family.

Asli, a young, fresh, pure and friendly girl at the age of 17, her goal was to study law at Galatasaray or Koç University Law school or a school in Switzerland. kazanHe was going to put his candidacy next year for the school president, where he would make an important contribution to his education.

18 also dreamed of making him a very beautiful birthday party when he turned his age, and with the support of Ferhat brother on his return from Erzurum, he lived his wistful in the fastest way he wanted to get a driving license.

We are proud to raise such a child, a beautiful sister, and we are grateful to have spent her little life in our family. Our beloved, our cardanemiz, our princess could not get enough.

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