TCDD has announced the news about traverse tenders

TCDD has announced the news about traverse tenders
1- TCDD sleeper auctions subject to the news were made as open bidding within the framework of Public Procurement Legislation.
2- The claim that the purchase of the traverse to the news is hampering / stopping the production of TCDD Traverse Factories is unrealistic. Since the 60 traverse which is needed in TCDD Factories has not been produced, it has been procured by tender. In our factories, 49 sleepers are produced and all of the sleepers produced are used in our lines. Since 49 has been produced in our travertine factories, it has not been procured in any way by procurement.
3- The subject matters have been mentioned before and the necessary explanation has been made by our Institution. 2011 It cannot be understood that a matter that is included in the report of the Court of Accounts of the Court of Accounts and KIT, even though it is on the website of the report, as reflected by a deputy.
4- TCDD does not give any tender to anybody and the companies that offer the most appropriate tender among the tenderers are awarded the tender in accordance with the natural and legal process.
5- TCDD does not look at a criterion as to which company partner is a relative, and observes the legal and eligibility criteria in all tenders.
6- Moreover, the open tender results of 60 sleepers were not only taken from the company mentioned in the news but also from other manufacturers.

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