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There are many projects to be implemented on the railways: Schneider Electric continues to increase its claim in the rail systems sector with the purchases it has received. Can Ceylan, Sales Manager of Schneider Electric; Var The market is very large, there are many projects to be implemented on railways. With a rough estimate, we expect the new substation center of 200-250 to be built. K
Recent rail, despite the start to provide services in systems that offer transfer to the site with the cooperation made with the world's leading brand of technical equipment and experience to service projects in Turkey Schneider Electric has made a name finally his work in Ankara Metro project M3 and M2 Line. In our interview with Can Ceylan, the Sales Manager of Schneider Electric, Ceylan gave details of the Izmir and Ankara projects they serve, as well as the future vision of the rail systems in Turkey and the role of the companies in this vision. Ceylan stated that the sector has a very mobile structure with the projects planned in 2023 in recent years and said that if we stick to the vision of 2023, an intensive and successful future will be put into practice.
Schneider Electric's rail system can briefly mention the special structure in the world and in Turkey we?
In 2010, Schneider Electric was acquired by Schneider Electric and became a major player in the rail market. Equipped with equipment for the production of direct rail systems. After this acquisition we took part in İzmir Metro. We are currently making the Ankara Metro.
What kind of services do you offer to these projects?
In these subway projects, we build complete transformer centers and also do scada systems. In 2011, Schneider Electric made another purchase in the field of scada and entered the roof of Telvent company Schneider Electric. Thus, we have the equipment to offer complete solutions in rail systems. We started with the first Sincan-Batıkent line in the Ankara Metro and later the Ümitköy-Kızılay line was included. So we've finished two subway lines right now. We are working on M 4 and M 5 lines.
As far as tram projects are concerned; Telvent has added value to us. We have included the tram priority signaling system. Schneider Electric Turkey as we have created here is a solution center and we started to provide services in the field of rail systems around the country here. We work with North African countries. We have an ongoing project in Algeria. We are working with our team in projects in Azerbaijan. Of course, these studies are carried out jointly with Spain. Telvent's information center said the transfer process for Turkey is Spain. 1-1,5 will be completed in the year.
Can you tell us about the products you offer to rail systems and the advantages of these products to the companies?
In particular, the DC metro and tram systems used in a single project that produces direct current Satli system by Schneider in Turkey and from Turkey is sending to the surrounding countries. At the same time, our transformer factory is being built in our factory in Gebze since the transformer factory is in our structure with Areva. Our medium voltage cells are produced in our factory in Manisa. Nearly all of our products have the signature of Turkish engineers. At this point, we think that we have made a significant contribution to the Turkish economy. The R & D centers of these departments are also in our structure. We have a R & D team of nearly 80 people including design team.
Central, Schneider private rail systems in Turkey where is positioning? Will there be new countries in the future or will there be new investments?
We are at an important point because of the opportunity and resources. They also contact us from time to time to provide information. Our Turkish contractors are also very active in the country due to their being in their sales and project completion point in going on an important role in Turkey. The mobility of our market both in and around our country is an important point. Schneider's center sees us as both a solution center and a service provider.
In Turkey, there are major projects implemented in the field of rail systems, as well as high targets have been put into 2023 available. How do you evaluate the firms in the sector?
Basically our advantage is; When compared to other markets, it can be said that there is a system in rail systems. Investments are generally made with government support, which is a big advantage. The financial side needs to be reassuring to attract the attention of international companies. Turkey attracts foreign investors in this regard. European Investment Bank, the Asian Development Bank financing or investors in the Middle East they are opened to Turkey. In this respect, we believe that the rail market will not be affected by daily crises or political conditions like other markets in the coming period as in previous years. It takes three years for a project to come to the tender point and a project takes place. Therefore, it has a structure that will not be affected by daily shocks.
What kind of services do you provide to the projects carried out by TCDD?
As Schneider Electric, we want to take part in the projects carried out by TCDD with our transformers. We do not think that we will provide much added value at the point of commitment. TCDD projects have already been solved by domestic engineering and progressed by local contractors. We want to be in a position to support these projects with the most optimum products. Transformers are the heart of this business. Our transformer factories have serious experience. We are one of the three companies that can manufacture transformers at the power required by TCDD. The market is very large, there are so many projects to be implemented on the railways, these three factories grow. We have big projects ahead of us. With a rough estimate, we expect the new transformer center 200-250 to be built. We do not bother to see the 2023 development plan.
What was your last project?
One of the most important projects we have just completed; It is Ankara Metro. I think it's a record break in this project. Following the signing of the contract, 7 delivered the CER centers that provided the 14 passenger station and trains supplying the trains every month and deployed the scada systems. This was a difficult time to achieve. The trial began and we started the test drive with the participation of the prime minister and the transport minister.
Is there a project you are currently working on?
The services we can offer for outline rail systems are limited to the train traffic control system. That means; You have rail systems infrastructures made by different companies, you want to manage the train traffic from a single center, therefore we offer the train traffic optimization system, regardless of the brand of the systems operating at the bottom. This is also a know-how in the system of Telvent. Apart from this, we are not at the signaling point in railways.
You ayağıs a global company in Turkey, there are also business partnerships with foreign companies. When you observe the world how you evaluate the use of automation in railway systems in Turkey?
I think this means in most countries into Turkey late. There isn't much innovation in the energy point, so there's a move of electricity from one place to another. In order to increase efficiency, we do optimization studies. We usually do this through our software. In addition to the energy supply, we also have the management of passenger stations in the same scada. From tunnel ventilation to the load of the train, we can see all of them in the same system and apply the necessary scenarios. Outline In general terms of rail systems; There is a system called ETCS in Europe where a common signaling system is intended. Turkey made in each project with the new regulation and thus we see that the implementation of ETCS will be moving through a common rail system in time with Europe.
What are the benefits of using certain standards in Rail Systems?
First of all, the safety of passenger transportation increases. It is particularly important in high-speed train projects. The operation and maintenance of high-speed trains is not very different from aircraft. Both of them have serious risks because they reach high speeds. In order to provide the necessary high protection, the Turkish administrations also care to use them in the name of the latest technology in the world.
Looking at the investments to be made; rail system is one of the systems that will provide the greatest added value to a country's economy. But it needs to be evaluated correctly. High-speed train projects are a good investment, but before that, freight transport needs to be taken to a certain point. The cost of the investment is not as big as the fast train, so it can be further accelerated. We expect these projects to be accelerated. 2023 to 8 will be required to electrify the targeted XNUMX thousand kilometer line. We expect the tenders to be concluded as soon as possible.
We just entered 2014. What are your projects in the field of rail systems in the new year? Let's see how you've had a 2013 year.
Our unit's name is transportation solutions. Within the transportation sector there are airport projects besides rail systems. At this point, Turkey has a lot invested and will continue to do so. We can say that we use the heritage of Areva at the airports. Turkey In the 70 percent of the airport infrastructure located in our products. We want to continue to be in the new airports. on highways; tunnel automations, intelligent highway solutions and urban traffic solutions. We have port solutions. We provide services to meet the daily operational needs of a complete port operator. Before we approach a ship port, we provide the necessary preparations to be made in a logistic way, and software that will enable them to leave the port quickly. We use Telvent's know-how in this field.

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