Camas's Alanlı Kocadağ Cable Car Project Attracted Great Interest

area ropeway project
area ropeway project

MHP Atakum Mayoral Candidate Prof. Dr. The "Alanlı Kocadağ Cable Car Project", which was announced to the public by Necdet Çamaş, attracted great attention from the public.

Prof. Alanlı Recreation Area Professor stated that the project they named Kocadağ Cable Car Project will make a great contribution to Atakum tourism. Dr. Necdet Çamaş said, “Atakum grows and develops with such special and prestigious projects. We are preparing to share many more projects like this with our people. We will develop Atakum with such valuable projects that will ensure the change and transformation of Atakum and make us a world city. ”

Alanlı Kocadağ Cable Car Project

Çamaş concluded his words as follows: “The person who will act as mayor of Atakum has to know and plan the priorities of Atakum. We have prepared a 25-year planning of the district for Atakum. The biggest investment in our district will be in the field of tourism. It will continue steadily in other investments. We will reveal this vision in Atakum.


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