Important statements from Topçu about the 3rd airport

Important statements by Topçu about the 3rd airport: Turkish Airlines Chairman Hamdi Topçu made several statements about the third airport, distribution of newspapers on board, new cabin clothes and competition with Lufthansa. Here are the highlights from that description:
“There is currently no delay in any case. Tender companies will start construction around May or June. At least I do not know the development that anticipates the delay. In terms of THY, AHL is one of the 10 busiest airports in Europe, sitting on 4 square kilometers, but physically a small airport. It ranges between 15-60 kilometers in Europe. We are in the top 4 and the airport of 10 km2 is not enough for us. We are taking today by showing exceptional performance. Maybe the capacity can be increased with improvement points, but it is not sustainable. Because in 2015-2016, there will not be an airport that will only be enough for THY. We are shifting some of our operations to Sabiha Gökçen. This year we will double our capacity. There, too, densities started in the evening hours with limited capacity. The second runway is expected to be finished in a year or two. But we have declared to the relevant institutions that an airport on the European side is essential for us. We currently have requests from the companies that have won the tender, we are discussing them. We think it will be put into service in 2017.
At present, we have to give flight permit as a reciprocity to the countries we fly. We're having problems from the other side because we can't give it. But the capacity is obvious. The only way to increase this is the new airport. The new airport 70 km2 will be installed in the area. This is one of the world's largest airports. Istanbul is now one of the most important centers of the world. We are the most flying company in the world and we do it from Istanbul. We fly from 246 to Istanbul. 106 are flying to the country. They want us to carry passengers.
I wouldn't know him. There's an international commercial race. It's obvious who did this race. But I don't know that this is done by Germany or Lufthansa. We need to ask those who claim. But the damage is certain to be the third airport in Turkey. We want the airport to meet all our demands befitting Turkey in Istanbul.
The integrated operation of the two companies raises many problems and needs to bring both sides to a level that will please. It is not possible for a partnership to lose its partnership. We made our interviews with Lufthansa. There are issues we can't compromise. Sunexpress has the truth. SunExpress, a company that carries tourists to Turkey, especially Antalya. We established the same in Germany. The two companies' partnership continues well. Lufthansa has a CEO exchange. The new CEO is coming in May. We will talk about this with the new management.
THY and Lufthansa address the same market, there is the intersection point. We compete. Your influence in Germany, they also want to be active in Turkey. With these partnerships, we are in a position to build a synergy.
We surpass Lufthansa with its growth rate. They also have growth goals. The important thing is to use the potential. Istanbul and Turkey's potential for how we will use our work there. We are in the second place in Europe in terms of the number of passengers carried. If we pass Lufthansa we will be number one.
12 We start in Boston in May. We're flying to San Francisco or another. We'il fly to Montreal. It's in Atlanta. We're looking at Miami and other points. We want to fly to Atalanta this year, but we can't build a wide body aircraft. 17 wide body aircraft will take this year. The 4-5 will now fly with large body airplanes at high distances. Now we want a very central wide body aircraft. We are going to London on a 8 expedition a day and do a lot with a wide body. Maybe we're gonna turn the whole body into a wide body. We fly to the 246 point in the world and we will now try to provide the frequency depth. In many of our destinations we have the potential to fly with 380. We've detected points can do smoothly operation. We fly to 37 city in Africa. Our number of passengers has increased a lot and most of them are in transit. With Air France in Africa. We give a lot of importance and do not want to leave the country where it is not flying. 10 will fly more to the new city according to the fleet status.
A decision will be made this week. I'm looking forward to it. I have not seen so far this week will be decided. We get advice from the British firm. There's a board. Considering many criteria, clothes are chosen. The criticisms against the uniforms that emerged in the last year were unfair because there was no outfit. There were only sketches in the workshop. They're working on a different model. I am wondering too.
State project to manufacture passenger aircraft. It's not THY's project. It was declared within the 2023 projection. We have 16 companies, some of which are logistics companies. We have companies that make serious contributions to the THY brand. We also have companies for the sector. We designed an airplane seat with Assan Hanil company. It is the first product to enter civil aircraft with the Made in Turkey brand. We make other parts for airplanes, but it is not an original product. We produced the airplane seat with 3 years of design work. Passed all the tests in Europe and the right to put it on the plane kazansteep. It is currently used on 3 of our aircraft and is being fitted gradually. We intend to enter the global market of both Airbus and Boeing in the coming months. I think it's a competitive seat. We are also planning to enter the production of business seats.
We supply them on the requested and on-board newspaper and determine the rates. When you are already boarding the plane you can get the newspaper you want by showing your ticket except for a few newspapers. Some don't, because they are newspapers that make false attacks of Turkish Airlines and mislead our brand value. The last two of the three newspapers out of the plane because of the THY to offend the breeders to make publications. But these are in the desks.
WHY did THY Bank withdraw its money from ASIA?
We made an institutional explanation about this issue. It is not possible to suffer damage to the institution. We were prudent. THY wants to keep its money in a safe place. Our relevant institutions have decided and we have no money at Asya Bank.
There's a wrong perception. The upgrade event for MPs or bureaucrats is no longer eligible after the THY has been privatized in 2006. It's not a legal right. THY's application, which is in the status of private company, fell in 2006. However, we continue to make these upgrades within the framework of traditions. We're doing one-sided. I also met with the President of the Assembly. I wanted to link this to a contract. We'il see each other in the coming days. MPs do not have such a legal right to continue in good faith. In recent days, the AKP has resigned because of the allegations that many of the deputies resigned to resigned them did not cancel. However, the deputy MP used insulting statements among the passengers. These were identified and decided not to use the right to upgrade. That deputy has no such right.


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