UND reacts to Iranian practices

UND reacted to Iranian practices: changes in the Iranian transportations in the last 10 year to the detriment of Turkish transporter Fatih Sener
Along with the negative developments in international transport, UND had announced that it would resort to new methods to overcome the challenges. In the statements made, it was stated that especially the cooperation with the public sector will be given importance. UND is continuing its efforts in this regard. On the other hand, the President of the UND, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board prepared detailed texts that clarified the issue. We are publishing these articles from UND management
Turkish transporters struggling against all forms of discrimination on the EU roads have been taken a full clamp with the unfair practices they faced in the eastern gate of Iran lar
Working with neighboring countries close to Turkey not go empty model usually packed his trade by road. In this case, from Turkey, Iran, Russia will be made to transport the freight cost in the Central Asian republics, causing a high retention.
These prices are of course the appetite of neighboring countries.
In the event, which lasted until the closure of the door to Bulgaria, the countries that had to cross transit were using this situation as a trump card and getting more shares from the Turkish export market.
The new example seems to be Iran ği
The latest 10 balance in Iranian transports has changed dramatically in favor of Iranian carriers over the years.
UND Chief Executive Officer Fatih Şener a Iranian vehicles with a share of 10 28 for the year 2016 were the shares of 60. This means Turkey 'has come to be empty even though the Ankara-Tehran route is able to offer prices nearly in half. While the Iranian carrier who used fuel at the price of one tenth of the Turkish transporter was already advantageous, the Iranian government also applied unfair competition to our transporters by hand Türk.
Şener getir 25 erek 26 We are expecting to solve these issues and put an end to unfair competition in the meeting to be held in Tehran by the ministries of the two countries on February “.
Fuel price difference fake
Iran transports to this country or transports through Iran. “Fuel is more expensive in your country and one-way 620 USD for money. fuel prices in the world, all countries, although no other country than Turkey difference suggests that Iran is taking charge this fee.
There is no other example on Earth
Today, if an Iranian state transports its goods to a Turkish carrier, a fee of around $ 10-350 of the transportation fee is charged as a tax under the name of tax. For this reason, the Iranian merchant no longer prefers the Turkish transporter, or at the cost of this additional cost.
Crazy Dumrul Fee in Transit Transport
In addition to the injustice it exhibits in bilateral transports, Iran is damaging the sector due to the unfair cost of sebebiyle fuel price difference transit from transit transits because of its important route to Central Asian countries.
any fuel restrictions, despite allowing the passage without Turkmenistan seal application even if the means to transit Iran to take the diesel cheaper than Iranian in Iran means Turkey will pass in transit not do as I have received fuel in its territory 620 USD fuel prices are taking notice.
A Turk vehicle going to Turkmenistan is paying a total price difference of 1240 USD even though it does not buy fuel from Iran.

Ankara ranThere is an extra difference 1.600 USD for the price of USD
Fuel cost on the Ankara - Gürbulak - Tehran route:
• For 981 USD for Turkish transporter,
• 90 in Iran is being carried in USD.
Despite the difference between the or 620 USD fuel price difference X and hak 1.600 USD fuel price difference hak, the total difference is XNUMX USD.
Imported Transport Sharing Sunday from Iran to Turkey
The market share of imported transport vehicles platter to Iran and Turkey increased every year whereas Turkish plate market share transport vehicles falling import from Iran.
More than half of our vehicles carrying cargo from Iran Iran Iran tools are installed from returning empty difficulty in getting cargo from Turkey.
Iran-Turkey Transportation

1) Turkish vehicles do not have the same costs as Iranian Plate Vehicles in the transit of Iran.
Turkey, declaring that the warehouses transit seals are plated vehicles entering Turkey and Iran to allow passage without demanding any fee. On the other hand, Iran does not make a seal application and takes fuel price difference from Turkish vehicles that will pass through the country without taking diesel fuel. The most obvious example is to buy fuel from Turkmenistan at an affordable price and to take a fuel price difference fee from the Turkish vehicle which will transit Iran.
Turkish vehicles are facing 1.050 Euro cost, including 1.244 Euro fuel price difference fee in transit transit of Iran, while 60 Euro is the cost of round-trip transit paid by Iranian vehicles in our country.
2) Transit Crossing Violations from Iran
According to the information transmitted to our association; Some Iranian vehicles declare that they will transit our country, enter into the country, by breaking the warehouse seals, selling fuel, going back to their countries and making a profit by paying a small penalty.
In the 2012 to Turkey with the aim of arriving at an empty transit our country 8.556 number plate of the vehicle by making the transit of Iranian 1.866 pieces and loaded to be delivered to Iran (full) have been identified as his output. In the 2013 12.935 who entered the same way as the plate number in order to transit Iran to Turkey by making the transit of the vehicle to be taken to Iran 911 pieces and loaded (full) it has been identified as his output. Obviously, despite all the measures taken by our Ministry, violations continue.
3) Violation of the Code and Unfair Competition are formed. Namely;
Iran plated vehicles are the advantages of cheap fuel in the country, to declare that they would be empty by now transit through Turkey to enter Turkey and Turkey is by making use of disrupting the transit fuel sales. On the other hand, there is no demand and demand from the Turkish vehicles to return to Iran with an empty return. For this purpose, into Turkey from third countries for Iranian-plated vehicles and Turkish-plated vehicles are allowed entry blank to Iran from third countries granting however, the abolition of entry permissions empty performed by entering Turkey in order to make bilateral transport of Iranian cars is important.




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