Oil Exploded Train Exploded In USA

Oil Loaded Train Exploded in the USA: In the USA, the burden of crude oil covered the sky as a result of the explosion of the train. fumes covered the sky. BNSF Railways that made a statement about the accident SözcüAmy McBeth reported that a train loaded with grain overturned onto the railroad track next door and a 106-car train loaded with crude oil crashed into the overturned train, which was passing through her line. kazanSaid it happened.
2 hour-long explosions in the city of Casselton 1,5 kilometers away from the scene of the house shaking and the sky after the explosion rising black smoke mass can be seen 25 kilometers from the distance was recorded. At least 7 wagon of the crude oil-laden train exploded in the accident in the city of Xnumx 2 inhabitants of the city of Casselton was warned not to go out of their homes.
The state of North Dakota, which is located on the Canadian border of the United States, and hosts major oil fields, is the state where the oil production of the country is growing the fastest.

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