High Speed ​​Train Line Project

High Speed ​​Train Line Project to Pass Through Salihli: AK Party Manisa Deputy Muzaffer Yurttaş stated that the line planned to pass through Salihli city center within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train Line project was canceled and the new line will pass through the north of Salihli.
In a statement he made to the journalists, Yurttaş stated that his requests for taking the High Speed ​​Train Line between Ankara and İzmir and passing through Salihli outside the district center were deemed appropriate by the Project Department of the General Directorate of DDY.
Stating that the design of the line to pass from the north of Salihli to the south of the Alaşehir Stream continues and there will be a station in Salihli, Yurttaş said, “When the project is completed, a citizen who takes the train from Salihli will be able to reach Ankara in 3 hours. He drilled a mountain for Ferhat Şirin; "We are drilling all mountains for our nation."

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