The cable car to Alanya Castle is not necessary

📩 29/11/2018 17:17

Stating that they have overcome the difficult parts of the Cable Car Project to be built in Alanya Castle, Mayor Sipahioğlu pointed out that the traffic problem in the castle will be solved as a priority with the project. Stating that the package tours prepared by travel agencies are insufficient, Sipahioğlu noted that cultural tours should be focused more and they will work on this.
Making a statement about the Cable Car Project to be built in Alanya Castle, Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu stated that they have overcome the difficult parts of the project. Drawing attention to the approval of the projects, Sipahioğlu noted that the application projects will be completed within 3-4 months after the tender firm completes its preparations and sends it to the Board of Monuments and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Sipahioğlu said that the project emerged out of necessity, not arbitrary, and explained that this project is therefore not a must for Alanya tourism. Noting that the project is one of the arguments that will attract the attention of local and foreign tourists, Sipahioğlu continued as follows: “You build a small piece of art, build a park or build a road to reach it. In other words, this is one of the arguments that will attract the attention of all tourism and local and foreign tourists. Now this is not an arbitrary project, it has arisen out of necessity. When two buses go to the castle, all traffic turns upside down. In addition, there are pollution caused by large buses to nature and the environment. There is an intense problem, especially in terms of traffic. We looked for alternatives such as how we can fix them. First we called it inclined train, but it didn't happen because of the ground below. We thought about how to build the cable car, it was not right to lower history into the fabric. We did the ropeway project as a result of long efforts and efforts in a way that would least affect the city view. This is a transportation project. The passengers who will get off in Ehmedek will be able to get off at the place called Tunel, which we call the Pazar Gate. They will be able to come there with their small vehicle and from there, the cable car into the city or up on foot. So it will be a part of the transportation network there. The cable car is not the logic that will make that much money here, but a part of an arrangement that will ensure the marketing of Alanya Castle as a whole.
Noting that they want to make an arrangement regarding the tour packages sold by the travel agencies, Mayor Sipahioğlu said that more cultural tours should be organized in the Alanya Castle Area. Sipahioğlu pointed out that the tours are mostly superficial and that they will make a desk work with TÜRSAB officials this week and said, “With the existing tour packages, the sights of Alanya Castle are completely ignored. Tophane, the middle quarters of the castle, the inner fortress of the fortress, the inner castle of the fortress and the living spaces in that environment can all be a single project. Now, next week, officials of TÜRSAB will come and a desk work will be done with them. In other words, the person who buys a ticket from here can visit the cave, the museum, take advantage of the cable car, the old people can travel more comfortably with the golf vehicles inside the castle, and the bedesten tour. "It will be a work to increase the function of the bedesten, which we cannot use at the moment, so that it can tour the Kızılkule-Tophane axis."
Sipahioğlu pointed out that the existing tours are completed in approximately 1-2 hours, but that 5-6 hours can be spent in the Alanya Castle Region with the package tours to be prepared, and continued as follows: “Our tourists will easily become a place where they can relax, see and visit. It will literally be a cultural tour. Alanya Castle can be visited completely from the top to the bottom. We make this program after eating lunch. As a cultural tour in Alanya Castle. Dinner also happens around here in the same way. After dinner, it can end with a show prepared at the Open Air Theater. If we make a sale by making a combination about them, the citizen on the street can benefit from it. Tradesmen also benefit from this during the free hours in the evening. You can get to know and visit Alanya in a wider time than 1-2 hours. By working on this subject and reaching a consensus, we should make that region a richer tour with the trade, city and cultural activities of Alanya. We must definitely do this. "
Speaking about the news about Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's coming to Alanya on December 14, 2013, Sipahioğlu said, “I don't have any information about this right now. The Prime Minister's program is busy both inside and outside the country. When the date of its arrival is not certain yet, we all have information according to the framework of the program. We do the necessary hospitality. I hear the news of the provincial gospel from you, ”he said.
Considering that the second generation in tourism has started with the participation of new names to the association following the establishment of ALTİD, Sipahioğlu said, “There are congresses, someone comes, someone goes. The important thing is not the young or the old, but the adoption of this job, to be able to work within a project under the umbrella of a corporate identity. These jobs should not be over 3-5 people. We should try to contribute to the tourism of Alanya together with the young and the experienced. This is not just what associations will do. I think when we say ALTAV, the simit seller on the street is also a member of ALTAV, our tradesmen, our car driver on the street, and everyone living in the city is the duty of ALTAV ”.

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