Marmarayın brothers The oldest Thames, the most deeply Seikan

The brothers of Marmaray The oldest is the Thames, the deepest is Seikan: Underwater tunnels with a rail system are being built between many critical passages in the world. Here are the equivalents of Marmaray from all over the world, especially Channel Tunnel, Seikan Tunnel, Shiziyang Tunnel.
Underwater tunnels passing through the rail system are built between many critical passages in the world. This is the Channel Tunnel, the Seikan Tunnel, the Shiziyang Tunnel, especially the equivalents of the world Marmaray ş
Launched in 1825 and completed in 1843, the Thames Tunnel is just underneath the River Thames, which divides London into two parts. After being opened for service, the 20 396 meter-long tunnel, which serves pedestrians and carts throughout the year, writes history as the 'world's oldest subway' with the construction of a railway in 1863.
THE LONGEST: The Channel Tunnel connects Britain and France under the English Channel as its name suggests. The tunnel between the cities of Dover and Calais is a total of 50 kilometers long and the tunnel's 38 is under water. Therefore, he has the title of 'the longest tunnel under water'. In 1802, the project took a full 192 year.
THE MOST SKIN: In Japan, the Seikan Tunnel, which connects the Hokkaido and Honsu islands, has the deepest underwater tunnel built to date. The 240 meter below the sea surface is the 54 kilometer in total alan But only the 23 kilometer is under water. 17 was built in 30, which is a year of engineering and a great experience that killed more than 1988.
The Shiziyang Tunnel, which connects the cities of China with Guangzjou and Hong Kong, passes under the Pearl River. The total length of the 10.8 mileage and construction was completed at 2011. What makes this tunnel important is that the train passing through it reaches a maximum speed of 350 per hour. China's longest train, Shiziyang, is also built under the 60 meter of sea level.
ACCIDENTS: Underwater tunnels in which the rail system passes through are the most detained Channel Tunnel that survives many times until now. However, the fires did not cause any casualties. Train failures were one of the most painful problems in the tunnel. The 2008 was trapped in the tunnel because of the failure of a train in 2 and was rescued by an auxiliary locomotive. Passengers 15 in the tunnel during the thirsty and left without electricity, he said. Those who lost their lives in the Channel Tunnel, but the accidents between the 1997 - 2004 who fled to England to migrate from the trains took place on the jump.

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