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Daily Income

Daily Income to be Obtained by Marmaray: Turkey's dream of approximately 150 years, Marmaray will also fill the vault of the Treasury. Here, the daily income to be earned… According to the announced figures, 2,4 daily voyages will be made under the Bosphorus. [more…]

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Marmaray 15 days free

Marmaray is free for 15 days: Marmaray, the project of the century, was opened with a ceremony. President Abdullah Gül, who went to the runway with the other guests to cut the opening ribbon, negotiated the Marmaray issue with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. microphone [more…]

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He talked about Marmaraydan too

It was spoken more than Marmaray: The President of Somalia, who made a speech at the Marmaray opening ceremony attended by the President and the Prime Minister, was talked about on social media. The opening ceremony of Marmaray was held in Üsküdar. President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the ceremony. [more…]

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How much is Marmaray kazanwill bark

How much is Marmaray kazandıracak: The journey begins today on Marmaray, Turkey's century-old dream. Marmaray, which is expected to carry between 1.4 million and 1.7 million passengers per day, is between 1 billion TL and 1.2 billion dollars per year. [more…]

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Marmaraya signed with blood

The name of the team at the beginning of the team to get the Marmaray project to 29 October was signed by the technical committee. Marmaray 29 October, the team will commit suicide in case of failure to catch up [more…]

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Investment with Marmaray

Investment with Marmaray: Marmaray, which attracted 600 million dollars of investment to the Anatolian side before it was opened, will increase the number of hotels by 5% in 30 years. Turkey's 150-year-old dream Marmaray opens today. technological infrastructure, [more…]

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Longest distance with Marmaray 7 lira

The longest distance with Marmaray is 7 liras: The integration of the existing 29 lines for the Marmaray project, which will be opened on October 181, has been completed. Kadıköy With the opening of the Ayrilik Fountain-Zeytinburnu area, Istanbulites will be able to access various public transportation services of the city. [more…]

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Marmaray Modern Silk Road

Marmaray Modern Silk Road : Modern Silk Road 'Project of the Century' Marmaray, which will breathe life into Istanbul traffic, is now hours away from the opening. The project, which cost 5.5 billion TL and is resistant to 7.5 earthquakes, [more…]

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Marmaray opens up two of our sides

Marmaray is opening, our two sides are coming together: Tomorrow, the 150-year-old dream will come true and 'Marmaray' will start its flights. The two sides of the Bosphorus will unite; Mega City's traffic will breathe a sigh of relief. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, [more…]

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All possibilities were taken into account

All possibilities were taken into account in Marmaray: Before the opening of MARMARAY, IMM President Topbaş, who met with Japanese Prime Minister Abe, said, “All possibilities were taken into account with all seriousness regarding the security of Marmaray. all possibilities [more…]

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Marmaray is safer than skyscrapers

Marmaray is safer than skyscrapers: The official opening of Marmaray, which connects two continents with rails, will be held tomorrow. Introducing the system to the journalists, Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım said, “Vertical buildings and skyscrapers in Kozyatağı and Bostancı are larger. [more…]

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Depth of Marmaray

Marmaray, the project of the century that connects the Asian and European continents under the sea, opens on 29 October. President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as well as foreign statesmen will attend a grand ceremony [more…]


Samsun's First Tram Goes On

Samsun's First Tram Debuted: The tender for the purchase of 25 trams held by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality on September 2012, 5 kazanAt the moment, the CNR company of the People's Republic of China sent the first train. Big city [more…]

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Railway Workers in Spain

Railway Workers on Strike in Spain: Workers protesting the separation decision of the two companies in Spain went on a 4-day strike. Railway workers in Spain protesting the internal separation decision of train companies Renfe and Adif [more…]


Railway Street is closed to traffic

Railway Street in Konya is closed to traffic: Konya Metropolitan Municipality will be closed to traffic due to road construction works. Konya Metropolitan Municipality due to road construction work to be carried out by the Railway [more…]

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Marmaray is the project of the century

Marmaray is the project of the century: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım stated that they will put Marmaray, the historical project that will bring the two continents together, into service and said, “This project is the legacy of the Silk Road, which has been serving humanity for centuries. [more…]