Marmaray tradesmen will also be happy

Marmaray tradesmen and citizens will be happy: During the work of Marmaray dust and noise due to the opening of the trades are expected to increase their business.
Tradesmen whose works have fallen due to dust and noise during the Marmaray works expect the business to increase with the opening. Citizens, on the other hand, wished that they were satisfied with Marmaray and that they would be beneficial. Tradesman Cemal Şeftalioğlu said that there was a job loss during the work of Marmaray, but he thought that his work would increase with the opening of Marmaray. Şeftalioğlu said, “When Marmaray was closed, we could not do business due to the construction works here. Therefore, we had many problems. As environmental shopkeepers, everyone experienced difficulties. We think that our expectations after opening will have an impact on trades as 20 percent as the customer portfolio is considered late. Construction lasted around 8 years. There was a job loss in the surrounding tea gardens due to dust, people could not visit. ” spoke in the form.
Necmi Gençoğuz also said that it was a good development, even if it was delayed but it was a late development. Delayed until this time, but a very nice development, albeit late, auspicious good luck to our people. Services are beautiful, everything is nice, it would be dislikes, but generally our society appreciates these services, we wish to be auspicious. ”
Marmaray's landscaping and opening work for the opening are continuing rapidly by the municipal teams.

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