Turkey's exports is carrying the burden of the seas

Turkey's exports carry the burden of the seas: maritime 55 percent of exports in January-July period, 35 percent of the highway, airline 9 percent, 1 were also carried out via railway.
Turkish businessmen who export to all over the world prefer sea route to send their products.
According to the data obtained from the Ministry of Customs and Trade, in January-July 88 billion 293 million dollars of 48 billion 368 million dollars of exports, the 55 part of the amount, ie 35 was carried out by sea. 9 part of the road was moved abroad by road, while the remaining percentage was exported by 1 and XNUMX by rail.
During the January-July 2013 years, Turkey's exports showed perform 1 percent increase compared to the same period last year, shipping has increased faster than xnumx'lik points 6 percent increase from this figure. The increase in the highway was 7. The fastest increase occurred in exports by air and was realized as 6. The railway has seen an increase of 32. As a country, the table may vary. 4 13 124 million dollars with the largest export of products in Germany, the percentage of products 51'i transported by road. She still follows 41 and seahorse. 10 272 billion to Iraq's million-dollar exports to Turkey, it seems to perform 95 percent of their proximity to the highways due to the product. Attention 9 billion dollars in purchases at the beginning of compelling data that comes from Turkey, Iran 922 million. Iran's 6 billion 619 67 million of these purchases, which corresponds to the air with the part of the XNUMX seen.
Moving products to markets in a short time and in the cheapest way is an important part of competitiveness. The determination of the transport method is therefore critical. In determining the method of transportation, the type of product, time, cost and safety factors are decisive. Considering these criteria, maritime transportation is the slowest transportation method but it is preferred for the transportation of large volume products. In terms of cost, sea transportation can be carried out by 14 floor, 7 floor by road, 3,5 floor by rail, according to the airline.



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