Dust response in the blasting work on the railway bridge

Dust reaction in the sandblasting work on the railway bridge: During the sandblasting work carried out on the railway bridge in Karabük, the dust that caused pollution by spreading to the environment caused a reaction.
Karabük Iron Steel Factories and the city center between the passing over the railway bridge repair work on the railway bridge was initiated. In the context of 1 week-long work of the contractor, sandblasting was performed to remove dirt and rust from the bridge before painting. Dust caused during the blasting work caused pollution in the environment. Atatürk Bulvarı and Colonel Karaoğlanoğlu Street, covering the dust in a quick step and run away the citizens reacted to the situation.
Karabük Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, the bridge on the complaint made complaints and the areas covered with dust. Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanism Mustafa Aynacı, they are followers of the work, dust emissions to keep under control will do the necessary work, he said.
Hüseyin Yalçın, the company's quality control manager, stated that the dust and smoke could cause visual distress, but there was no human health and environmental drawback.



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