DOĞUKA International Logistics Conference was held in OKÜ

DOĞUKA International Logistics Conference was held at OKU: DOĞAKA Secretary General Onur Yıldız said that the Iskenderun Logistics Village and the Antakya and Osmaniye Logistics Centers Master Plan were completed.
The dı International Logistics Conference işbirliği organized in cooperation with the Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency (DOĞAKA) and Osmaniye Korkut Ata University (OKU) was held at the university's lecture hall.
DOĞAKA Secretary-General in his opening speech Honor Yildiz, Turkey's gateway to the Middle East region and said the world's production and consumption centers are located in that one of the important transition point.
Stating that they have started efforts to make progress in the logistics sector in the region, Yıldız said, kayded A logistics master plan was prepared with the support of our agency in order to make the best decisions about spending resources in a systematic way, to be prepared for the opportunities and hazards created by the continuous change in the sector, to determine the common solutions and common responsibilities. The work was completed by the end of the year, with the panels, workshops and one-to-one interviews with local managers' valuable opinions, suggestions and criticism of the 'Iskenderun Logistics Village and Antioch and Osmaniye Logistics Centers Master Plan' was completed.
According to the plan prepared by experts experts in the logistics of the hinterland that includes Iskenderun and Osmaniye evaluated, and a logistic village in Iskenderun, Hatay and Osmaniye in the logistics center that will support two logistics center stating that the Stars, doğr The proposed establishment of logistics in the region Village and Support Centers, increasing our market share in national and international transportation of our region, creating a global competitive advantage in our region where Asia, Europe and Mediterranean regions intersect, making Iskenderun Port an international transfer port of the Eastern Mediterranean, within the framework of GAP Project in Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia Region. It is aimed to contribute to the production of raw materials and semi-finished products of agricultural products and to be an entry-exit gate for the products to be produced. In addition, Hatay has become an important sea exit point for the transportation of Central Asian and even Far East products to Western markets, Iskenderun has become a transfer center for the products to be exported to Anatolia or exported from Anatolia, increasing the service quality of the logistics sector in the region, and operational costs. The main objectives of the project are to reduce the traffic of the city with the planned logistics facilities without reducing the existing structure, lam he said.
The co-host and co-host of the conference, Vice Rector of Faculty of Fine Arts, Prof.Dr. Dr. Dr. Aykut Gul, since the foundation of the university, the meetings held on various occasions, with the country's strategic importance of the position of Osmaniye in the region at every opportunity to express their similar position, he said.
Expressing that OKU is established in an important and waiting center and its responsibilities have increased a few times more, Gül stated that the final declaration to be written after the conference will be an important source.
Gül said that the logistics sector is of great importance for the future of Osmaniye. Hazırlanan As in the Osmaniye SWOT analysis project which we carried out with a dedicated work tempo in the first year of our foundation, we will be in the Osmaniye Agricultural Strategic Plan prepared by our university and will be finalized in the near future. similar activities carried out with all institutions operating are an investment for the future of Osmaniye. lar
After the opening speeches, Atilla Yıldıztekin, Naci Serter, Oğuz Saygılı, Çetin Nuhoğlu, Yaşar İnal, Murat Teke, İbrahim Öz, Kaan Gürgenç, Asst.Prof.Dr. Emre Yakut, Özcan Salkaya, Nicola Boaretti and Hartmut Beyer talked about their presentations, information and suggestions.

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