Logistics sector needs high quality pallets

Logistics sector needs high quality pallets: The world leader in equipment docking services CHEP'in quality pallets thanks to the logistics sector is improving the operation process. International standard pallets prevent potential work accidents and significantly reduce workload

CHEP, the world's leading equipment pooling service provider, increases the profitability rates by decreasing the costs of the logistics companies that it is a business partner. CHEP, which enables its customers to focus on their strategic priorities by reducing their time and labor costs, and increasing their equipment pooling system day by day, continues its mission to be the integral partner of the logistics sector in the market. With investments in R & D, CHEP continues to develop strategic solutions for companies that want to increase their supply chain efficiency.

CHEP's equipment pooling system is based on the principle that customers can deliver the appropriate size and number of pallets for the shipping and display needs by providing the retailers with the opportunity to rent to the store stock areas. Empty pallets are transferred to CHEP service centers and re-included in the docking system after being repaired and repaired. Thus, companies that do not re-purchase the pallet and have not taken more than the need to increase the profit rates.

Continuous maintenance and repair sent to the CHEP pallets, as in other systems when they were purchased or not used to be kept in the warehouse does not need to be kept. In this way, companies can save a considerable amount of time in terms of seasonal demand fluctuations, equipment stocking, inventory deficits and equipment continuity, as well as logistics expenses such as collection and time transfer.

Transport strengthens cooperation
CHEP's customers are delivering their products to retailers using CHEP pallets in the normal transportation process. Trucks delivering products and pallets are returning to their service locations without load. Within the scope of the Transport Cooperation Project, the vehicles managed by the logistics services provider deliver the CHEP pallets which are not used after completing the delivery operations from the retailers or deliver the pallets that are ready for use from the nearest CHEP service center to the appropriate point where they demand pallets. This process eliminates the unladen distance of the trucks and reduces both carbon (CO2) emission and transportation costs.

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