Reason of traffic rebellion in Istanbul

The reason for the traffic that revolted Citizen in Istanbul: The reason for the traffic intensity which revolted Istanbulites in the last days was connected to an interesting reason. Traffic experts in the municipality of Anatolia, the transportation of goods from Anatolia to Istanbul, traffic brought to a standstill, he argued.
Before the Feast of Sacrifice, there is a much higher density in Istanbul traffic. According to the claim of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Control Center Experts, the biggest reason for the density is that the commercial transportation vehicles that bring products from Anatolia to Istanbul increase the vehicle load in the city by up to 50 percent.
When the mobility of international transport trucks and trucks in the city is added to this density, the main arteries are completely locked, especially during peak hours. On the main arteries of Istanbul, an average of 30 traffic accidents and as many vehicle malfunctions are recorded every day.
Recently, the number of accidents has increased to 50 and the number of vehicle breakdowns to 40 due to chain accidents, mostly involving trucks. Accidents occurring on the Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Golden Horn Bridge also cause long queues.
When it is not easy to clear the blockages caused by trucks and trucks, it takes hours for large tow trucks to reach the scene.
Experts expect the traffic density to continue in this way until the feast. However, they give the good news that Istanbul traffic will return to its normal course with the feast and that Istanbul residents will take a deep breath.
The ride to the metrobus has also become a pity for Istanbul. Passengers tell us that the journey without a fight is a dream. Citizen, due to the intensity of stops in the metrobus is forced to land. It is claimed that an accident can occur at any time. It is also stated that the opening of schools in the metropolitan area is also an effect. Traffic on the road to metrobus is added to the density of passengers these days.
Authorities have set the 1 metrobus time per minute, increasing the number of vehicles to reduce passenger density. This time, however, the only citizen in the split strips that are divided into metrobuses is overwhelming.

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