Samulaş 41 Carries Its Million Traveler

Samulaş 41 Carries Its Million Traveler: SAMULAŞ shared the happiness of the number of passengers carrying more than 10.10.2010 million since 41, where the rail system line was put into operation, with its passengers.

At the Republic Square Station, SAMULAŞ, which symbolically symbolizes the 41 millionth traveler, distributes chocolates and souvenirs. XLUMAS 317 million kilometers, 5.3 million passengers carried over.

SAMULAŞ General Manager Akın Üner stated that they carry 3 million passengers during the 41 year. It has not been opened yet 10.10.2010 year. During this time, the citizen of the time has come to grave complaints. Since the opening of the tram, the number of passengers has exceeded 3 million. That's why we're happy. We are delighted to be able to serve the people of Samsun and to find the value of our efforts. 41 thousand times in our trams have been made so far. We have saved a thousand times our country 317. I would like to remind you that we are driving green traffic accidents and we have green transportation. The number of passengers increased by 317-8 per year compared to last year. With the opening of the universities in the future, this table will also increase our trams. 10 new trams from China will arrive at the end of December. These vehicles will carry more passengers than our current vehicles, 5. In this way, 20 will be able to make an expedition every minute. Bu

After the speech, SAMULAŞ officials distributed chocolate and souvenirs to passengers at Republic Square Station and trams.

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