4 trains train rails caught by villagers

4 people who stole the train tracks were caught with the notice of the villagers: 4 people who stole the steel sleepers and tie bars on the rails belonging to the State Railways (DDY) in Erzurum were caught with the materials they stole upon the notice of the villagers. The suspects, who were sent to the courthouse after their procedure, were arrested by the court they were taken to.

The villagers who saw that the sleepers on the rails belonging to the DDY were stolen near Çiftlik village in the district of Horasan, reported the situation to the police by phone. The people who noticed the villagers went away from the scene by loading the stolen sleepers on two different trucks. Determining the plates of the trucks, the teams seized 103 steel sleepers and connecting iron in a search they made in the crates of the trucks they stopped at the entrance of Pasinler.

Truck drivers together with AKMD and his accompanying M.Ç. and AK were detained. Steel sleepers and tie bars were then delivered to the State Railways 451 Road Maintenance and Repair Chief in return for a report.

4 suspects referred to the judicial authorities and documents issued to them were arrested and sent to prison.

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