Spring Water from Ankara Station

From the station to the source of the water source of the water station in Ankara: "water leak" due to the "Ankaray crying" brought to the agenda with the Ankaray'ın college station, this time the spring water came out. The water at the station where the 4 pump evacuated, could not be stopped 10 for days.

During the construction of the ongoing escalator at the college station, the water from the underground could not be stopped for about 10 days.
The company, which takes the escalator, is trying to drain the water by using 4 drain pump. Citizens wondered where the water is turning the street into the lake despite the rain, the escalator, the authorities who work the stairs due to the running water stalls said.

Authorities to stop the water to return to the start of the work again and the base should return to the authorities said, taban We wanted to finish the work in a short time. However, we encountered a problem that was not accounted for. Spring water from the floor. We have installed 4 pumps to finish the water, but when it is finished, the water starts to reappear. As of the moment, we have closed two entrances of the College Station to the citizens' entrance and exit. Şu It was claimed that the water coming from the station was caused by the İncesu Stream, which was under the subway and was active years ago.


ASKİ authorities on the water coming out of the College station, said: bilgi We are aware of the water generated during the station work but we are not the subject of the subject. We still provide the necessary assistance and information flow. We think that the level of water there should be reduced and the broken area should be repaired. After the necessary drainage will be no trouble.

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