The elevator works on Mimar Sinan Yaya Bridge

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality works on the pedestrian bridges on the D-100 to make pedestrian access more efficient. On the D-100 route, the elevator and escalator application are made for the citizens coming out of the public transportation vehicles to get out of the pedestrian bridges. When the work is completed, the pedestrian bridges from D-100 will be transported by elevator and escalators.

The pedestrian bridges linking the coastal area with the city center will allow access to the pedestrian zone, the D-100 and the city center from three parts. Within the scope of the study, the elevator and ladder work is carried out at Mimar Sinan Yaya Bridge. The elevator stands, while the staircase manufacturing continues. There will also be an escalator work on the bridge.

The pedestrian bridges are connected to both the D-100 and the Salim Dervişoğlu Avenue, thus providing a busy pedestrian flow. Due to the new transportation plan in D-100, the Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out an escalator work on the Adnan Menderes and Turgut Özal pedestrian bridges with an additional elevator and the Mimar Sinan pedestrian bridge. The work is carried out at Mimar Sinan Yaya Bridge.

D-100 In the direction of Istanbul-Ankara, Mimar Sinan will pass from the middle leg of the Mimar Sinan Bridge to the Sinan Pedestrian Bridge. Additional escalators on the side of the middle foot and the elevator will be used for public transport.

An elevator and a staircase will be built on the Mimar Sinan Yaya Bridge and an elevator will be added to the south of the Adnan Menderes Pedestrian Bridge. In the same way, the elevator will be applied at Turgut Özal Yaya Bridge. Within the scope of the study, maintenance work will be carried out on the escalators of Turgut Özal Yaya Bridge. Pedestrian bridges will become more functional with new applications.

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