Syrian claims in Gaziantep Tramway construction

Syrian claim in Gaziantep Tram construction: Hurşit Yıldırım from CHP brought the Syrians working in the construction of the third stage of the metropolitan assembly light rail system. Hurşit Yıldırım said, “While the unemployment rate is 3 percent in Gaziantep, why are Syrians employed in tram construction? Both the UN and the Prime Ministry are already helping Syrian refugees. ”


Saying that more than 50 percent of the workers in the construction of the tram are Syrian, Yıldırım said, “This is the rate according to my research. Mr. Science Head, what will he do if an accident happens to those who work here? Are these people given social rights? Is it run at a cheap price? It would be better if Gaziantep citizens are employed in the works by tender procedure or direct procurement. ”

Were they given to the AK Party?

Yıldırım asked whether the AKP councilor was the brother of the business, and said, “Does anyone know where the head of the Department of Science Affairs sits? For the love of God, I opened the phone 20 times and it does not answer the mobile phone. He is not in his office. We cannot ask the questions we will ask. Head of the roaming department? Are the companies you give these jobs close to the Ak party? ” said.


Ünsal Göksen said that the head of the science affairs department was not busy, and that he spent most of his time in the field. Göksen also said, 'Our tenders are quite transparent. We also ask him why the Head of Science Affairs did not return to you. ” said.

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