TÜLOMSAŞ Stamp: TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı stated that the domestic engines bearing the name of TÜLOMSAŞ are now offered to the market in the maritime sector, and that the contract was signed for the order of 8 diesel engines for two ferryboats to be used in Lake Van and that 4 ready-made engines will be propelled. . Stating that they were in search of entering different sectors other than the locomotive with the existing products and that they started studies to produce marine engines used in the marine sector, Avcı said, “The marine sector is a very different and difficult system from the locomotive, but we knew that our engines could be used in the marine system with some changes. Before starting the studies, we learned that we need to obtain a certificate to be able to use our engine in the marine sector and we immediately started its work. We started production as a result of the approval of the plans and projects of the diesel engines in question. Power tests of diesel engines, which were re-equipped by our company for marine vehicles, were performed and inspections started. After the inspections, we received our certificate that our engine can be used in the maritime industry. " said. Avcı said, “We can make the heart of the ship and our work will increasingly continue. Construction of marine engines in TÜLOMSAŞ will ease the burden of our country. This work of ours is similar to Devrim Automobile for our company. It's early, but I hope the next process more work in marine engines in Turkey The contractor will produce, "he said. Expressing that there is no shortage of spare parts in the engines produced, Avcı said, “Our company's service network is also very wide, ie we are assertive in domestic spare parts and local service. Avcı added that if the starting costs of the engines in question are considered together with the operating costs that will occur at the time of use, they will be much more advantageous than their competitors.

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