Fine Tuning in the T1 tramway works in Bursa (Photo Gallery)

Fine Tuning in Bursa T1 tram line works: T1 tram line works continue rapidly in Bursa. In the works that start in the early hours of the morning, height, fine wire adjustment and deviation adjustments are made.

Work continues on the 6.5-kilometer T1 tram line at the Stadium, Altıparmak, Atatürk, Heykel, İnönü, Cyprus Martyrs Streets and the Kent Square and Darmstad Street. While the parked vehicles on the tramway are warned by the Metropolitan Municipality Police teams, the necessary places are corrected by making the portable, height, fine wire adjustment and deflection adjustments coming from behind. Unable to reach the drivers of the vehicles left on the line for a long time causes the work to be disrupted.

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