Legendary Trolleybus Number 2 is on İzmir Roads Again

Legendary trolleybus number izmir
Legendary trolleybus number izmir

“Electric bus” for some, “tire-tired train” for others… They have devastated İzmir for years. Trolleybuses that kicked off the trams and were imported with huge loans by the local government of the time… Trolleybuses, which were described as a revolution when they set off and İzmir was the pioneer, are once again in front of the people of İzmir with a wind of nostalgia. Among the nostalgic vehicles of Izmir, which will be exhibited at the Historical Coal Gas Factory, there are many vehicles from horse-drawn trams to horned trolleybuses.

The da social bus'n for some, the in summer service ”for some, the ın first love de for some” serv The history of İzmir in the photographs comes alive in the Gas Plant. Nostalgic tram, bus and trolleybus vehicles, which have served for years in public transportation, will be displayed next week in cooperation with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT. Many veteran vehicles, including iler Legend kur Fahrettin Altay-Mithatpaşa Street-Alsancak trolleybus with 2 line, will meet with the people of İzmir in an open air exhibition to commemorate ESHOT's 70 service year.

1954 TODAY X

The anniversary of the public transport in Izmir will be remembered with different events on the 70 anniversary of ESHOT. The most important one of them is the open-air exhibition to be established at the Historical Gas Plant, while the people of İzmir expect a pleasant surprise. The trolleybus, which is one of the most important veterans of the ESNOT, will be presented to the people of Izmir during the 1943 annual adventure. In Turkey, after Ankara for the first time in 70 years trolleybuses are starting to use ESHOT General Directorate, in conjunction with emerging technologies that will be exhibited in the garden of retired 1954 Historic Gas Plant these historic vehicles.


As the most remarkable instrument of the exhibition, the dark blue colored Ansoldo trolley bus stands out as the most remarkable vehicle. In İzmir, the trolleybus, which is about the city's history and its participation in the fleet of transportation, dates back to 1954. first tried it with the dismantling of the wires located on Mithatpaşa Street is now completely forgotten trolley car in Turkey, it continued their voyage on the same route as symbolic in the last period, but within the city that provide efficiency in transport and the adverse impact of transport was completely removed in time on the grounds. During the years when the vehicles continued to be on the agenda with their horns over the power lines, they often stayed on the road due to the horns falling on the ground during the voyage, and the vehicles behind the road were fearful. Another cutthrough of nostalgic trolleybuses was the power outages, which often left on the road. Sometimes the vehicles left on the electricity lines would stay on the road, again with the long rods connected to the line of the drivers would continue from the road.


The trolleybus vehicles, which lifted the trolleys in the years they came and were described as a revolution in transportation, became a pioneer in İzmir and were taken as an example in transportation in other cities. Vehicles that eliminated the power of horses in the land transport were both fast and comfortable, and the 100 was full of passenger capacity. The maintenance of the vehicles taken from abroad by credit of the local administration by credit period was carried out in the trolleybus garage at the current Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center at Güzelyalı.


Retirement was not easy in the voyage of trolleybuses, which had been traveling for many years and attracting traffic from Izmir. As the years passed, the new vehicles joined the fleet, while the new vehicles, including the bellows trolleybuses, were retired. With the closure of Güzelyalı Troleybüs Deposu, in addition to the trolleybuses, which officially set the historic journey in İzmir, the employees who gave their life and heart to this job would retire from the sector where they were working close to 30. In fact, there was an interesting dönem retirement story larda in 80, where public transport with trolleybus continued. In 1984, the unused 15 trolleybus was dumped to the bay to feed the fish.


The first one was the trolleybus purchased by the mayor of the period, Selahattin Akçiçek, in March of 1954. It was the public transportation vehicles widely used in Germany and Italy. In the first trolleybus other hand, it creates space and pioneer in Izmir, the 1958 1990-3 years Total Vibert used between the first and only brand in Turkey with articulated trolleybus well. Again, 1964-1966 year for the first time in the Güzelyalı'da ESHOT trolley Workshop trolley buses produced in Turkey between 18 pieces and this move brought great sound.


Trolleybus memories are constantly told as the urban legend. Some of the rainy weather in the wet floor when they are multiplied by electricity, some in the vehicle helmet ticketing, while some people go quickly while the trembling glass, while others want to go down when the nylon strap and the door to tell the door. The trolleybuses, which were usually dark blue, were exhibited with color and Karagöz and Hacivat patterns on the streets of İzmir after the interesting decision of Burhan Özfatura, the mayor of 80. On the other hand, unlike today's municipal buses, trolleybuses were on their way to the outer walls of the city.


Fahrettin Altay (then Kennedy)-Alsancak line, which received the number of "1985" service with the change of the line numbers of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2, departs from Fahrettin Altay Square, which is located in front of today's Üçkuyular Pazaryeri and the district garage. He would get up, continue in front of the Güzelyalı Trolleybus Depot, in the direction of Mithatpaşa Street, and pass Konak Square, ending his voyage at the last stop, where Alsancak Train Station is, over Cumhuriyet Square, Vasıf Çınar Boulevard, Talatpaşa Boulevard. – Aegean Post

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