Training for Primary School Students from SAMULAŞ

samulastan elementary school students
samulastan elementary school students

As Samulaș, we initiated an educational campaign to raise awareness of our children who will be the parents of the future in order to find solutions to the behavior problems in public transportation. Within the scope of the “Future Generations Awareness” Project, which is supported by Samsun Provincial Directorate of National Education, our trainers are presenting 4. times met.

In the project we started in Fahrettin Ulusoy Primary School, we visit a primary school every week and provide visual and audio information to our students. After Atakent Primary School and Balaç Primary School, our instructors met with the students of Atakum Pelitköy Şehit Corporal Yücel Ünsal Primary School this week. In the conference hall of the school, our trainers introduced the public transportation vehicles to the elementary school students and explained their benefits to the city, the environment and the economies of the city.

Şenol Gülhan, the class teacher who emphasized the importance of public transportation education, said that SAMULAŞ education is very useful. Gülhan said, “Such training should be provided in every school. Our children have to comply with safety and general rules when getting on and off public transport. They also need to gain the awareness of traveling while they are traveling. For this reason, I congratulate SAMULAŞ, who initiated such an educational project. ”

Pelitköy Şehit Corporal Yücel Ünsal Primary School Director Kadir Hapakaz stated that the respect to the elders in buses and trams is gradually decreasing and that the project is of great importance in order to prevent such problems in the future. Director Hapakaz said, “I am a frequent user of public transport. I see many shortcomings and inaccuracies that arise from our people. I feel very uncomfortable for the elderly, disabled, women with children and patients to travel while standing in the blue seats. So there's a mistake somewhere. The project is very important to avoid this problem in the future. I see and support the need for such a project and education. Because education should be given at a young age. SAMULAS is already signing good works in transportation. Hopefully our children will grow up consciously and learn how to travel. I congratulate and wish success başar.

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