Don't Let the Road

Don't Let the Road
Trabzon City Problems Meeting today is held under the auspices of Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdogan Bayraktar. During the 14 month-long meeting under the auspices of Minister Bayraktar, NGOs raised individual problems and the 69 issue was listed.
Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting held at the meeting under the chairmanship of all the representatives of the Trabzon NGOs and Chambers of the meeting and projects in the discourse will remain in the discourse or the problems will be looked for as a priority? they asked.


Trabzon Urban Problems are mostly facing Ankara. If the Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar does not have the problems, he will pass a lot of time. It is not known whether sufficient dynamism is provided for the problems to be solved at the local level, but the problems of Ankara will be solved by the Minister.

Listing the problems and demands one by one to the minister, NGO and Chamber representatives asked the attorneys and especially Minister Erdogan Bayraktar to put forward their will to resolve all these demands. We share these 70 projects with you as Yeni

1-) In the center of Trabzon, which is planned to be established in our country, and the transfer of the shipyard area in Sürmene to the Ministry of Economy for this center (Reason: the railway landed in the district of. to make the export-import base by making a port in large megapol..Our source: shipyard investments and works in the world were in a global crisis ..)

2-) Implementation of Trabzon-Gümüşhane-Erzincan Railway Project with urgent implementation, route of Of, Arsin or Zigana (Why: Tirebolu / Giresun is disengaged in these three routes. If there isn't a match / zigana to Trabzon / Central port ..)

3-) Railway connection to Trabzon Port

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