103 bus company closed contact

103 bus company closed contact
Aircraft prices fell, trains accelerated. Bus Operators began to face difficulty in competing high-speed trains and airplanes. According to the news in the World Newspaper, the number of companies with scheduled passenger transport certificates has decreased from 10 to 600 in the last 336 years.

The buses lost their long-distance customers to planes and high-speed trains. While 10 years ago, the number of companies with D1 authorization certificate in the sector was 600, today this number is 336. There are approximately 336 thousand 7 buses belonging to these 600 companies. Turkey's Bus Operators Federation (TOFED) has put a lock on the door the last 10 years, according to the 103 bus companies. 6 companies changed hands. These brands were important brands in Turkey but polls currently in the industry. Among these, there are many famous brands such as Köseoğlu, As, Hazar, Sezer, Süzer, Habur, Radar Turizm. On the other hand, the decrease in the number of trips and the drop in occupancy rates to 50 percent causes bus companies with D1 license to switch to D2. Thus, instead of damaging by making a small number of buses with busses, the buses turned to organizing tours that were carried out with the D2 authorization certificate and made without intercity time schedule, namely tourism. There are 2 companies and 394 thousand buses with D26 authorization certificate.

'Now there is a taxi driver logic' Expressing that diesel with high SCT affects companies that adhere to the D1 certified time schedule, TOFED President Mehmet Erdoğan said the following about the transition to the D2 document: “We have to act according to a certain time interval. For example, you opened a flight to Kayseri at 7 pm. There are 5 people on the list. You set out with a thousand lira damage on paper before you even set out. You have two options, either cancel the flight or give your passenger to the side company. This means the commercial end of your company. There is a business season of 4-5 months a year, mostly during holidays, in the summer, on New Year's Eve and on weekends. Here kazanYou have to manage the whole year with your losses and losses in other months. Small businesses that can't stand it move on to the D2 document. Because the firm wants to act when it gets the job. It's like taxi driver logic. Or he acts with trucker logic. If the trucker goes around looking for a load, calculates the cost, puts his profit on it and acts like this. It won't do any harm. That's how it is in D2.” 'Local companies work under big companies' Big companies collect local companies, that is, small companies that make trips to Anatolia. Companies go under large corporate companies instead of closing their businesses under cost pressure.

Erdogan said, “For example, when a company running 10 buses in Nigde arrives in Istanbul, let's say its passenger has been lowered to Istanbul. He needs to leave his passenger home with the shuttle. They also need to sell their tickets in those districts. Therefore, it does not have the opportunity to use the infrastructure of large companies. This situation exists in Pamukkale, Kamil Koç and Ulusoy. ”

'The buses will continue on their way' Erdogan also said about the development of the industry: “Almost all buses have backseat television, especially on long roads. This even came to the point of satisfaction. Now, it is really difficult to operate bus at long distances. True, people may get bored and tired on trips over 6-7 hours. But who will work from Trabzon to Antalya? Who will take you from Samsun to Diyarbakır, who will descend from Diyarbakır to Adana? You don't have the chance to make a high-speed train here. Therefore, bus management will remain and will continue to grow. We can see this from a 5-10 percent increase in the number of passengers carried in the last 15 years. Turnovers also increased. Our great advantage is that both our price and service network are very wide.

Aircraft companies are unfair to the public. The number of passengers reached 50 million, and income per person increased. Time is very important, the country is growing but… It is certain that this wind will not go like this. In the fog, on the ice, in the snow, when the planes are not taking off, the buses will carry people again. In general, we can expect a decrease in long-haul routes but an increase in medium and short-haul flights.


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