TCDD Delegation Visited Dinar County

📩 26/11/2018 17:56

TCDD Delegation Visited Dinar County
Afyonkarahisar State Railways (TCDD) 7. Chief Operating Officer Enver Timur Taurus and Immovable Property Director Hasan Kara visited Dinar district and made observations in the buildings.
TCDD delegation held meetings with District Governor Avni Kula, Mayor Saffet Acar, Police Chief Ahmet Yapar and District National Education Director Hasan Tahtaoğlu, respectively. After the meeting, the delegation examined the area around the station and made an on-site determination in the buildings used by drug addicts, which exist on a very large area around the Dinar Station Chief Office. It was stated that the necessary measures will be taken in these buildings, some buildings will be demolished and cleaned, and some buildings will be kept under protection. 7th Regional Chief Manager Enver Timur Boğa stated that the building, which was used as a staff dormitory in the past, can be used as the old hangar warehouse and said that if the projects suitable for these two places are prepared and requested, they will be rented at very attractive prices. Noting that the old hangar can be given upon the request of Dinar Municipality, Chief Manager Boğa stated that they expect a request regarding the issue.


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