Bombardier Transportation in Turkey Aims to Strengthen Presence

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Bombardier Transportation in Turkey Aims to Strengthen Presence
leaders of railway technology, Bombardier Transportation, 7-9 March in Istanbul Expo Center on Eurasia Rail 2013 Fair in addition to vxnumxzefıro designed specifically for Turkey as innovative transportation solutions with ecological and advanced technology; BOMBARDIER ZEFIRO high-speed train, BOMBARDIER FLEXITY 300 tram and BOMBARDIER MOVIA introduces the driverless subway. Fair also BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION according to Turkey's rapidly expanding railway transport network, the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) expertise and high-tech communications-based train control (CBTC) solution has been shared with BOMBARDIER CITYFLO 2 participants.
Bombardier Business Through Istanbul Turkey Launches Million Dollar Export 10
Turkey in the coming of the railway area in 10 years in the region of 45 billion dollars investment decision-making and Bombardier indicating except passenger and freight transport potential to greatly increase Transportation Turkey Regional Sales Manager Pier Prina Mello, "dissemination program for Turkey railways, the country's bridge between Europe and Asia is an indicator of his passion for strengthening his strategic position. as Bombardier, our presence in Turkey would like to further strengthen the market. The Bombardier Global Procurement Office, which we opened in Istanbul in 2008, operates to identify and develop potential Turkish manufacturers for which Bombardier can collaborate for projects in the world markets in the long term. Through this office, which actively supports the integration of Turkish suppliers into Bombardier's supply chain, Turkish suppliers have exported over $ 5 million in the past 10 years. as Bombardier, to reduce restrictions on existing networks, ranging from high-speed rail tram and metro and railway controls, enhanced our expertise and proven solutions and we look forward to bringing Turkey into the market, "he said.
Bombardier Transportation Solutions Introduced at Eurasia Rail 2013
Bombardier V300ZEFIRO
Bombardier's V360ZEFIRO train, which can reach 300 km / h in a very short time, is on windy routes.
even offers excellent travel times. V300ZEFIRO, starting from Italy at 2014, Europe
will be able to work together in high-speed rail network. Ansaldo Breda for Trenitalia
trains, the highest capacity in the market and the lowest energy consumption per seat
A product from the ZEFIRO high-speed train group. These flexible tools are according to the requirement of every market
customizable and the latest global experience of 20 in Bombardier's fast train industry

Bombardier Flexity 2
Up to five times less energy per passenger compared to cars traveling on average and two
The most energy efficient transportation method of consuming trams and light rail vehicles. Passengers up to 250
available in the FLEXITY series, which is capable of carrying and can be used for more than 30 years
The latest development in modern trams and light rail vehicles (LRV) 2012 in Bristol, UK in April
commenced use and sent to Australia, the Gold Coast and Basel, the cultural capital of Switzerland
are the FLEXITY 2 trams. FLEXITY 2 allows energy to be used again
Up to 30 energy-saving BOMBARDIER MITRAC Energy Saver, BOMBARDIER ECO4
It is equipped with energy saving technologies from its portfolio. Since 2011 30 new in Turkey
FLEXITY Swift light rail vehicle to improve Bursa's quality of transport services and expanding network
helps to increase capacity. Bombardier 20 in more than 100 countries
3.500 pieces of tram and light rail vehicles in the city.

Bombardier Movia
The world's leading subway supplier Bomberdier's state-of-the-art, high-capacity MOVIA subways
Fast, reliable and cost-effective in major cities such as London, Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore and New Delhi
provides transportation. In the fully modular MOVIA metro concept, vehicles can be configured to meet the customer's infrastructure-related restrictions and meet their future needs. 1995
In Turkey's Bombardier founded the first metro system in Ankara, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana,
He developed light rail transportation (LRT) and tram systems in Eskişehir and Bursa.

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