Anatolian Mountain Goat Railway

On the Anatolian Mountain Goat Railway: Hisarlar Group developed the off-road vehicle. 'Anatolian Mountain Goat Obstacle not know' as defined in, and Turkey's first domestic top 4 × 4, which is made turkar new tool 'railway line maintenance repair tool' has been touted EMERAN.
Eskisehir, 9 soccer field many areas engaged in the production fortresses within the Group in the size of the facility, Turkish engineers, developed by Turkey's first domestic 4 × 4 turkar the new upper made tool 'Railway Line Maintenance Repair Tool' EMERAN was introduced to the public. With EMERA 4 × 4, which can go both on the road and on the rail, the teams will be able to respond to failures and maintenance needs in a short time. EMERA 4 × 4, which can be used even in the harshest terrain and climatic conditions, also serves as a wagon tractor when necessary.
With its advanced features, TURKAR EMERA 4 × 4 ensures that any faults occurring on the railway lines are quickly resolved and maintenance needs are met, while the vehicle can also safely advance on the rails thanks to the removable attachments located at the front and rear.
Fazlı Türker, Chairman of the Board of Hisarlar Group, said the following about the new vehicle:
"Turkey's first indigenous multifunction TURKU 4 × 4 off-road vehicle 'unstoppable Anatolian Mountain Goat' as we define. EMERA 4 × 4, developed on the chassis of TURKAR 4 × 4, is designed to serve in all kinds of harsh terrain and climatic conditions like our other models. With EMERA 4 × 4, rail repair teams can reach the area safely, no matter what geography the need for malfunction or maintenance occurs. Thanks to its special apparatus, our vehicle, which offers an attack and safe driving opportunity on the railway as well as in harsh terrain conditions, also has the feature of reversing speeds of 30-40 kilometers per hour. The special air system used for the braking system of the wagons provides great convenience in both the front and the rear of the car. Public and private sector organizations that meet the needs of 4 × 4 vehicles that can go on the rail from abroad can now use a local product as a reliable business partner.

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