Çorlu is responsible for the train accident 'how many roads, so much profit'

CHP Uzunköprü District President Özlem Becan made a statement in the name of the ceremony held in Çorlu last Sunday after the train accident that occurred in Çorlu and killed our citizens of 25.

CHP Uzunköprü District President Özlem Becan made a statement in the name of the ceremony held in Çorlu last Sunday after the train accident that occurred in Çorlu and killed our citizens of 25. In his statement, President Becan said, “It is not the guilty rain in the accident! Those who built it, the ones who built and did not inspect the structures that were made Yap.

Özlem Becan, who emphasized that the atmosphere in the commemorative event held on Sunday, is still the biggest indicator of how fresh the suffering is, is to declare a hero from Sarılar Neighborhood who helped transport the wounded after the accident. We got to think why we had to be the hero. I wish I hadn't done this, we wouldn't have helped the wounded, if they didn't have to help the hero biz, he said.

CHP Uzunköprü District Chairman Özlem Becan, the official statements made by the accident, the bill is cut, but it does not reflect the reality of the loss of our lives and the loss of the 25 said that there was nothing but insensitivity to pain.

CHP Uzunköprü District Chairman Özlem Becan stated the following about the important points in the reports compiled by the experts following the statement:

Lus Precipitation is shown as the sole responsible. However, according to the precipitation analysis of Çorlu Meteorology Station, which is one of the closest measurement stations near the accident site, it is important to determine that precipitation occurring in the region is one of the possible rainfall in the 7. must be considered. As a result; 7 It is not correct to reveal the amount of rain that can be seen in the year as a natural disaster that causes an accident. An institution providing human transportation services must ensure the construction, maintenance and control of the line by taking into account all the data such as land conditions, geographical features, weather conditions. In the incident, it was observed on the spot that the repair work carried out in the orifice filling and the line section after the culvert were not made in accordance with the technique. In these circumstances, it is inevitable that similar incidents occur in the same place. Bu

”Becan: Delaying maintenance and repairs cannot be explained for any reason“
CHP Uzunköprü District Chairman Özlem Becan, the accident after the accident is one of the important issues that control the line of road guards, he said. BECAN: eri Road guards are generally those who perform checks on the line at distances of 10. But this practice has been abandoned in recent years. Due to the failure of the new retirees, the number of guards has now dropped below the 50. The length of the existing railway lines in Turkey in this issue is almost no considering. Another important feature of road guards is that they are fully aware of both the rails and the danger areas of the region. It is stated that the old road guards even know how many loaves are on the tracks in their area of ​​responsibility. They know where they should be when it rains, and they must check the areas that might pose a danger before the train passes. This type of high-standard such as the line required by the periodic electronic security measures to abandon the application of the road guard has given rise to this murder, standart he said.

CHP Uzunköprü District Chairman Özlem Becan, stating that the authorities and their punishment for the sons, siblings, daughters, mothers, fathers lost the pain of the families of the loss of the only way to save, kardeş Another point that underscored the unions in this area, former workers, engineers and maintenance of maintenance works with tools to the private sector. In the interviews, it is clear that the works done with the logic of nok How many ways, so much profit kadar are inevitably due to lack of adequate supervision. Moreover, it is stated that the similarities of this accident reflected in the public can be experienced in the future Dah

CHP Uzunköprü District Chairman Özlem Becan said at the end of his statement that he would be a follower of all kinds of proceedings and would not give up on this matter until there was no single family that could not get their heart cold. Becan concluded his statement on the subject as follows: “The cost of these lives cannot be closed down to the person 1-2. We want all those responsible to stand trial. The contractor who draws, approves, does not inspect the project, must be judged by all responsible persons who do not consider the warnings. This case cannot be closed by giving three five indemnities and saying 'natural disaster'. Let us give them compensation that they can give us our lives back? Bil Immediately after the accident, there was a ban on publication. What does it mean. Or are they trying to hide something? Our lives are worthless. Everybody's trying to save himself. No one is dismissed after the accident. This is how it works. There's neglect, indiscretion here. Those who do this should be asked for an account. This accident caused people to lose their trust in the state. No control, no guard, things are always outsourced. Who is this subcontractor? 'No allowance' by saying the road maintenance tender has been canceled. Mu Will you have life allowance?

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