Adana metro project is not an ordinary project

Adana metro project is not an ordinary project
It is an indisputable fact that these lands have been under German influence for the last 100 years. German admiration is obvious both in the Union and Progress Society and in the staff that founded the Republic. This effect manifests itself in every field.
We entered World War I on the occasion of the Germans. Our Chief of Staff was German. Our army was organized under the influence of the Germans. Hitler influenced our state policies. Until the 1s, our elders used the Hitler mustache as a model. started.
The religious organization of the Turks in Europe has also started in Germany. The country where the national opinion is most common is Germany. German foundations and intelligence are also seriously effective in our country. There is a serious German population. Although Necip HABLEMİTOĞLU was assassinated for his research on German foundations, he is not often mentioned on the anniversary of his death.
Aydın DOĞAN is also said to be from this school. It is claimed that Mesut YILMAZ and Hüsamettin ÖZKAN are from this group.
It is also possible to see traces of German traces in the island. The German bridge is also located in the waters of the German bridge. It is the German work of railways. There are serious remains in the castle. There is even a German cemetery.
Of course, the issue most important part which holds the presidency of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey Aytac established by the Germans for years durak'tır.aytaç Bey also said that the German school.
There are also Germans in the Metro project of Adana, which cost the next 30 years. ABB Elektrik is a German company. Considering that the German school is in power during the construction phase of the metro, it will be seen that the Adana metro project is not an ordinary project.
After Aytaç DURAK's dismissal, the inspectors who threw the Adana Metropolitan Municipality like a cotton wool did not go over this project like Metro, which cost at least 5 times more than normal.
When the Prime Minister came to Adana, he made an interlude at a rally, but he did not put too much emphasis on it. He also tried to make an agenda about the German foundations but withdrew.
I believe that the money that has been lost in Metro all along is not in local hands. Nobody can keep such a large amount of money locally. Now, the court that handles the ERGENEKON case has dealt with the German issue. I hope the end of the matter comes to Adana.
The money went to go, let's find out where it went….

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