TMMOB Haydarpaşa Station and Kadıköy Sues the Square project

TMMOB Haydarpaşa Station and Kadıköy Square sued the project. Haydarpasa Train Station and Kadıköy A lawsuit was filed against the master zoning plan, which aims to turn the square into a tourism and trade area.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's (IMM) "1/5000 Scale Haydarpaşa Train Station Kadıköy Square and Environmental Conservation Master Development Plan of Turkey Engineers and Architects Association (Chamber) Chamber of City Planners Chamber (SPO) Istanbul Branch and the United Transport Workers by the union, Istanbul has sued the Sentinel Administrative Court. Suspension of execution and cancellation of the administrative act were requested in the case. As a justification in the petition of the case, it was stated that "the public interest was not taken into consideration and the plan of the historical building was changed in consideration of real estate investments".
Haydarpaşa Train Station, which has been discussed for a long time and is one of the important buildings of Istanbul with its historical structure, was evacuated and Kadıköy With its square, it was aimed to be a tourism and trade area. The 1/5000 Scale Master Development Plan, which was prepared in this context, was accepted by the IMM Assembly in September and was suspended in December.
In the lawsuit filed against TMMOB, Chamber of City Planners and United Transport Workers Union IMM, the points of objection are as follows:
- The action of the defendant administration (IMM) is contrary to the principle of equality in planning and the public interest in terms of cause, subject and purpose,
- With 1 / 5000th Haydarpaşa Train Station, which is the subject of the trial Kadıköy For the purpose of protecting the square and its surroundings, the Master Development Plan is subject to the law and legislation of the zoning in terms of content; contradicts planning techniques and principles for the protection of cultural assets and sites and related universal national protection purposes,
- When the plan provisions and area selection are examined, it is seen that the plan and plan provisions are arranged in a way that can only be subject to real estate investments, not according to the characteristics and needs of the city and the region
- In the plan notes included in the zoning plan, almost all of the areas separated as active green and light green in the planning area have been settled, and under these areas, underground parking, bazaar and passages are arranged, commercial units and car parks on the underground passage routes designated as active green areas. It is said that it can be done.
- Also determined as fair, fair and festival area Kadıköy An immoderate and indefinite construction has been brought to the Square. Kadıköy The square's feature of being a square has been abolished.

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