Salihliye Rail System Proposal Again in Municipal Assembly

Salihliye Rail System Proposal Again in Municipal Assembly
The MHP's group proposal, Light Rail System, which was discussed as an additional agenda item at the Municipal Council Meeting last month, was also on the agenda of the February Municipal Council Meeting.
The Salihli Municipal Council, which will meet on Tuesday, February 5 at 20.00:16, will discuss and decide on XNUMX agenda items. One of the most important agendas of the February ordinary parliamentary meeting will be the request for the implementation of the light rail system or tram system in order to solve the transportation problem of the city of Salihli, which was discussed at the January meeting as the group proposal of the MHP. All three parties with groups in the council viewed the light rail system project discussed in the previous council meeting positively, it was decided that the proposal was evaluated by the municipal units, matured and brought to the agenda of the municipal council.
Making a statement about the MHP group proposal, Municipal Council Member Şefaat Karabulut said, “We propose this project in order to make our district a more livable city and eliminate the rapidly growing traffic and parking problems. As a city, if we do not develop projects to solve the problems, we will be late in the future. With this project, we have started to work on a solution to our traffic and parking problem, at least from one end. I think this project will be a goal of our city ”.
It LRT be administered by some Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, an alternative public transport system can not be carried out but planned by many provinces. Many cities planning the Light Rail System have State Planning Organization (DPT) and budget barriers. DPT, which does not permit the establishment of light rail systems in cities with a population of less than 500 thousand, is seen as the biggest obstacle in front of even cities with a population of approximately three times Salihli to realize the light rail system. The criterion of carrying 15 thousand passengers per hour in one direction is among the conditions of SPO. Investment costs and operating performance if the stretch of terms brought by a municipal light rail system in Turkey ready to use condition. While it is unlikely that the system can be implemented in Salihli, it is stated that the light rail system can be implemented by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, since Manisa is a Metropolitan and Salihli is connected to the Metropolitan Municipality.

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