Metrobus became the world's transportation system

metrobus became an example transportation system to the world
metrobus became an example transportation system to the world

The agreement between the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Punjab Government has brought a new breath to the traffic of the city of Lahore, which has a million million.

Speaking at the opening ceremony with the enthusiastic participation of thousands of people, the Prime Minister of Punjab State 80 Shah Shabbat Sharon Shakhtar Province, "Mr. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Mr. President Kadir Topbaş'a for the endless support they offer us," he said. Şerif emphasized that for many hours until the citizens of the citizens who wait until the end of the bus stop, yapan Our poor people, had to look at the rich people passing by air-conditioned vehicles. Now, our poor people will be able to travel quickly and safely in air-conditioned metrobuses. Artık

Xnumx will carry a thousand passengers a day XnumX Line 120 12 million miles of the city's busiest streets along the 27 km. 300 of 9, which cost 10 million dollars in total, consists of elevated roads. Line 10 was completed in the month and a historical record was signed. Metrobus will be free for the first month in Lahore, where tricycle rickshaw and chinese vehicles cause heavy air pollution. The e-ticket will be valid on the metrob, although not yet announced, the ticket price 20-18 Rupi (35-XNUMX penny) is estimated to be in the range.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc.'s technical and project consultancy to Lahore brought to the BRT system 2 50 per minute reduced the distance to the minute.

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ, Deputy Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Selamet, Transportation A.Ş. General Manager Ömer Yıldız attended.

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