The process is complete in Balçova cable car

At the end of the dizzying legal traffic in the renewal tender of the ropeway facilities of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which turned into a snake story, the balçova ropeway project will finally be started. With the lowest offer of 2012 million 10 thousand TL made in February 225, STM Sistem Teleferik company kazanThe tender was canceled by the JCC at the end of the evaluation regarding the objections. While the municipality is making a new tender, kazanAn STM firm filed a lawsuit against the KIK decision. Ankara 14th Administrative Court suspended the execution of the decision of the GCC. Thereupon, KİK sent a letter to the Municipality to make a contract with the STM firm. However, he also appealed against the decision. Ankara Regional Administrative Court, which evaluated the objection of the KİK, overturned the stay of execution decision. This time, KİK sent a letter to the Municipality to cancel the tender. STM, on the other hand, submitted the expert report it had prepared to the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers to the court. Ankara 14th Administrative Court, taking into account the information in this report, annulled the decision of the GCC to cancel the tender.
The Public Procurement Authority, following the decision of the 14th Administrative Court of Ankara, canceled the decision on the cancellation of the cable car tender. Official notification was made to the municipality and the company. However, the KIK made an objection to the Council of State on the other hand. After the official notification of the Metropolitan Municipality, the tender was awarded. kazanan STM firm and the second best firm requested an update of the offer since it has been 1 year. The update has been done. The contract will be signed at the end of February and the renovation of the ropeway facilities will begin in Balçova after the site delivery in March at the latest. Balçova Cable Car facilities, which were closed in 2007 upon the decay report prepared by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, will be renewed in accordance with EU standards. The facility will consist of 8 or 12 person cabins. It will have a carrying capacity of 1200 people per hour. Cabins between lower and upper stations will travel 900 meters.

Source: Hürriyet

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