the railway transportation network in Turkey is given to studies rather than on the highway (Split Road Map)

rather than being given to highway transportation network of railways operating in Turkey
Turkey is given to railways and road transport network works mainly double rather than the motorway.
Double road projects across the country are expected to be completed in a few years.
Of the planned 28.051 km road, 22.253 km of it has been completed so far.
Double road 2.604 km. Constructions continue and the 3.194 km has to be tender.
Considering roughly that the 2000 km double road is being completed (calculated from 2003 km since 22.253), the remaining 6 is a thousand km. Close to the end of the double road 4 will take as long as years.
When the road projects are completed, the weight is expected to be given to the targeted railways and highways.

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