National brand will be produced in rail systems

National brand will be produced in rail systems
The Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems cluster (ARUS) has decided to enter the next rail system tenders with 100 percent domestic products and to create a national brand in rail systems. Aiming to keep the resources of the country inside, ARUS aims not to lose the 2023 billion TL investment to be made in the rail system until 40 to foreign companies.
The meeting of the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS), aiming at the unity of the rail sector representatives under one roof, was held in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce recently. Meeting; Metin Tahan, General Manager of Infrastructure Investments, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Maritime, Ziya Burhanettin Güvenç, Chairman of ARUS, Vice Chairman of ARUS Ostim Foundation Board Member Sedat Çelikdoğan OSTİM OSB Chairman Orhan Aydın, RAYDER Chairman Taha Aydın, Istanbul Transportation General Manager Ömer Yıldız, Vice Chairman of ITO Şekip Avdagiç, KOSGEB, TUBITAK, rail system main industry manufacturers, sub-industrialists, quality companies, engineering companies and universities attended.
According to the information obtained, the tender for the Ankara Metro kazanThe cluster meeting, to which the officials of the Chinese company CSR were also invited, set the stage for many firsts. It was decided that ARUS, which was established with the aim of creating a national brand in rail systems and keeping the country's resources inside, would also follow the existing projects during this period. At the meeting, it was underlined that the introduction of a 51 percent domestic contribution requirement for the first time in the Ankara subway tender was a milestone, and it was emphasized that the practice should be followed very strictly so that this condition would not remain in words.
Speaking at the meeting, Ministry of Transportation Deputy General Manager Yalçın Eyigün stated that they came to the final design stage with CSR and stated that the requirement of the domestic contribution requirement was clearly written and that this would be a follower. Ostim president Orhan Aydın himself a follower of the process would be, underlined the need to stay in Turkey 51 percent of the auction amount of money in proportion.
Metin Tahan, General Manager of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Maritime, gave the message 'We are at the disposal of the industrialist' in his speech. Referring to the importance of the domestic contribution decision, Tahan emphasized that the entourage of the Ankara Metro tender is 3 billion liras. Tahan said that according to the 2023 targets, 10 thousand more rail system vehicles are needed and the cost of this will reach 40 billion liras. He also said that their support for the cluster will continue.
President of ARUS and Rector of Çankaya University Ziya Burhanettin Güvenç stated that clustering is a development model and emphasized that clusters should target the final product. Guvench describing examples of clustering in the world, "Turkey; If it does not increase its domestic production by clustering, it will be condemned to disappear. küm Güvenç stated that all actors should be together in order to get turnkey jobs.
Ömer Yıldız, General Manager of Istanbul Transportation company, which produced the first domestic tram RTE200 model of Turkey, collected 19 million Euros from localization activities. kazanHe stated that they provided Stating that they focus on design investments for the national brand, Yıdız emphasized that national products should be supported with local policies and the importance of acting with brand awareness in all production processes.

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