Akçaray Tram Line Studies Are Moving Fast

The work of Akçaray Tram Line is progressing rapidly: The Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's Akçaray Tramway Project, which will bring comfort and innovation to the transportation, continues at full speed with the installation of the lower and upper structure, rail in different regions. A significant portion of the works to be done in Yahya Kaptan District, which is an important part of the works, was completed. Yellow Mimoza and Necip Fazil streets for the use of rubber wheeled vehicles on the right and left of the tram line to the last stage of the road to the last stage of the work at the Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard has come to an end.
In the tram project, which will add a new breath to the transportation in Kocaeli, the works continue in four branches. The work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, a significant part of the project in the Yahya Kaptan District which constitutes a significant progress was made. In this scope, the road works have been reached to the right and left of the tram line for the use of rubber wheeled vehicles in the works on Sarı Mimoza and Necip Fazıl streets. On the aforementioned streets, the ground was compressed at the desired level by using appropriate filling materials and asphalt studies were carried out. After the landscaping and pavement works, the works in this section will end.
Yellow Mimoza Street also provides the energy of the tram line transformers of the building continues to manufacture. Within this scope, the basic and basement floor works of the transformer building, which is being manufactured in Sarı Mimoza Street, have come to an end. In the next stage, the production of normal floor and roof will be completed and the first of the total 5 transformer will be completed. In the Necip Fazil Street, tram line excavation was also carried out and the construction of superstructure was started. In this context, the floor was compressed at the desired level by using appropriate filling materials and iron reinforcement works were started by making the first step of superstructure fabrication with the use of XBXX cm height grobeton. In the next stage, the concrete will be put into operation by placing the rails.
The displacement of stormwater, drinking water and waste lines in Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, which is the end of infrastructure works, has been completed and new drinking water lines are tested. Natural gas, electricity and telecom lines were completed in the displacement and renovation works. On the boulevard, work is carried out on top of the line, rail assembly and concrete works are continued, while excavation works and filling works are performed at the parts where the infrastructure works are finished.

Günceleme: 10/12/2018 16:12

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