Balçova Cable Car Facilities to Tender for the Fourth Time

balcova cable car
balcova cable car

Balçova Cable Car Facilities will be put out to tender for the fourth time: In the Balçova Cable Car Facilities, which was closed in 4 due to lack of life safety, even nails have not been nailed for 2007 years due to objections and tender cancellations.

The last tender for the facilities will be canceled, while the Metropolitan Municipality will make a tender for the 4 in the coming months.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Izmir Branch, prepared by the tı No life security report X on the Dede Mountain in the year of 2007 Balçova Teleferik Facilities construction of another spring was still left.

Due to the objections experienced and consecutive cancellations in the specification of the construction period determined as 1 years, 5 5 times in the service could be opened once the last tender for the facility was canceled.

The court found the JCC right

The Public Procurement Authority (JCC) received the previous tender from STM, Ankara 14. In the lawsuit he filed with the Administrative Court, he had appealed before the Ankara Regional Administrative Court. Subsequently, he sent a letter to the Metropolitan Municipality, saying, ediy Apply the judgment. Sign contract with STM. ST The full 5 year-end of the difficult auction process was over, the decision of the Regional Administrative Court turned everything upside down. The court justified the JCC and abolished the STM's decision to stop the execution.

A nail didn't even crash

When this is the case, the work is literally turned into the Arabian hair. Previously, ı Implement the court decision. Al Give the tender to the STM, al the JCC said, sending a second letter this time, ikinci Cancel the tender received by STM İ. The objection of the cable car, which has been the subject of appeal many times until today, was another spring that was sent by the GCC. Thus, the 2010 2 for more than a year and a 3 tender passed through the first tender process that started in February 4. In the coming months XNUMX starts the process in accordance with the letter sent by the GCC. decided to go to tender.

Here is the step-by-step 5 years

* 5 started the final tender process which will enable the ropeway to be closed to the Balçova Teleferik Facilities at the summit of Dede Mountain, which has the most beautiful view of İzmir, and which will be rebuilt with modern technology according to the conditions of the day.

* STM firm awarded the first tender opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in 2010. kazanhad been. When the contract with the company came to the stage, the Metropolitan Municipality canceled the tender because the company could not deliver the requested documents and documents.

Tender 2 was held in February

The municipality made the second tender in February 2012. Bidding 10 million 225 thousand TLSTM System Teleferik Montage ve Turizm A.Ş. kazanwas. Doppelmayr Seilbahnen Gmbh company, which made the highest bid in the tender with 14 million 400 thousand TL, objected to the KİK.
In the JCC, 9 annulled the tender on April 2012 on the grounds that the approximate cost calculation of the municipality was inaccurate and that individual costs should be calculated on unit prices.

Upon cancellation of the tender, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made a new tender on June 7, 2012. Three companies, STM Teleferik, Doppelmayr, Leitner, as well as Bartholet, participated in the tender. Meanwhile, STM brought the decision of the JCC on the cancellation of the tender to the court.

The result of the appeal was expected

Ankara 14. The Administrative Court dismissed the firm's objection and stopped the execution of the decision of the JCC which canceled the tender. Then the Metropolitan Municipality, 7 3 in April. did not receive financial proposals in the tender. The question of how the Metropolitan Municipality will follow in the next period was the subject of the decision of the municipality. KIK sent a letter to the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara 14. He asked the Administrative Court to implement the decision to 'stop the execution'. Then the Metropolitan Municipality received the offers 4. canceled the tender. Then the cancellation decision was communicated to the participating firms.

Meanwhile, the JCC, Ankara 14. The Administrative Court objected to the decision of the Administrative Court to stop the execution. The municipality decided to wait for the result of the appeal to the Regional Administrative Court, despite the fact that the JCC had applied to the court in order not to experience any problems in the future.

2 years may be shifted

All of this happened right after it is happened. The Regional Administrative Court abolished the decision of the GCC to suspend the execution of the decision. Then the Metropolitan Municipality Ankara 14. Implement the decision of the Administrative Court to stop the execution. STM signed a contract with the letter, '' he said this time 'cancel the tender' he said. The Metropolitan Municipality decided to cancel the tender. Then he started the new tender preparations.

With the last event of the year 2010 34 1 in the month of February, despite the month of renewal of facilities in the renewal of the facilities could not go to the road. The construction period is 2014 year, with consecutive objections and tender cancellations, the most optimistic estimation of the cable car enjoyment of the people of Izmir 2'e, XNUMX year was caused to be translated.

How will the facility be renewed?

With the new system to be installed in Balçova Teleferik Facilities, the landing capacity will be increased to 400 thousand 2 per hour. Thus the total annual capacity 400-300 will increase to a thousand persons. The old 500 passenger cabinets will be replaced by 600 cabinets. In the new ropeway line, the automation system stops the cabs automatically and immediately interferes. The ticket halls at the entrance of the facility will be renewed within the scope of the tender. Studies will be completed in a year.

Source: Yeniasır

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